Behind the high-speed rail and nuclear power plants, the key equipment is controlled by others, and it took 27 years to complete the import replacement

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The development of Nuclear power and high-speed rail in China to date not only reflects the rise of China’s industry and manufacturing industry, but also serves as a calling card for China to reach out to the world.However, few people know that China’s high-speed rail and nuclear power plants were jammed by overseas enterprises in the initial stage of manufacturing and construction.The author learned that during the construction of the three Gorges, Xiaolangdi, Ertan and other large hydro-nuclear power projects in China, the power generation equipment of the projects could not be installed because the core components did not arrive, and the project progress was affected.The core component is the cooling system of high-speed rail and nuclear power plants.The cooling system is also the most important part of national major equipment manufacturing and major project construction.That’s because the life of any piece of equipment is almost temperature-related, and the higher the temperature, the shorter the life of the equipment.Therefore, the cooling system will be equipped in high-speed rail, nuclear power plant, uHV and other large equipment.However, due to the late start of China’s industry, the global cooling system manufacturing technology was firmly controlled by Germany, Japan, Sweden, the United States and Canada and other developed countries in the early stage.If China wants to build a national key, it needs to import cooling systems or related components from these countries.It is in this disciplined situation, do transformer design background Li Xianti, in 1994 founded sanmen ge transformer oil pump factory.The original intention of Li Xian Titanium to create this factory is to break the overseas monopoly, and set the goal of achieving import substitution for themselves and Ge, and began to independently develop the core components of the cooling system oil pump.Thanks to the professional strength of Li Xian Titanium, Ge produced the first investment casting transformer oil pump in just two years, which to a large extent filled the gap in the field of core components in the oil pump in China.It is also the birth of this oil pump, the domestic power to achieve the import of cooler oil pump replacement, and the market price of oil pump down 50%.In the following more than 20 years, With the support of the government, Li Xianti and Ge have continuously achieved technological breakthroughs and innovations in oil pump products, breaking the domestic dependence on imported oil pumps in the fields of UHV, high-speed rail and water nuclear power plants.It is worth mentioning that green, which insists on being a “small jingjian”, has been exporting since 2012.Today, the company not only exported its products to Japan, Australia, India, the United States and other countries or regions, but also successfully into the supply chain system of Germany Siemens, Japan Toshiba and other international factories.”Little Giant” in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, has proved the great potential of Chinese manufacturing and industry for 27 years.At the same time, green also spent more than 20 years, proved that the “small but fine” this road can go, can not only go, but also support the country’s weight.However, in my opinion, with the enhancement of ge technology comprehensive strength, as well as the continuous expansion of business scale, LI Xian titanium is afraid to face the challenge of “small and fine” into “large and complete”.With the continuous upgrading of the entire industrial system and the updating of the social pattern, Green also needs to make progress.Therefore, Li Xian Titanium for the company, in 2023 to enter the North Exchange, in three to five years to expand the product field to photovoltaic, communication, subway and other industries, in five to ten years later, ge also enter the energy storage technology goal.At that time, the size of GE is bound to be much larger than the present, but at the same time, there will be various problems within the enterprise.It would be fine if management could stick to specialization, but the manufacturing giant could go wrong if it tried to diversify.Of course, these are all words later, now ge is still the leading domestic cooling system supplier, but also the pioneer force of China’s national industry to become bigger and stronger.