Qingdao’s top 10 health news in 2021: The herd immunity barrier is basically built

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A better life begins with health, and prosperity of a country is based on health.2021 is a year for Qingdao’s health work to focus on the “urgent and anxious expectations” of the masses, to do practical things, solve problems, focus on implementation, and see actual results.The medical service “peak climbing Plan” has achieved initial results, the allocation of medical resources is optimized and balanced, and the health service is more intimate…Above the people’s livelihood, health care sector 𩾃, health Qingdao action is quietly changingIn order to fully reflect the major measures, achievements and models in the health field of Qingdao in 2021, give full play to the leading role of advanced typical demonstration, further expand the social influence of health work and promote the high-quality development of health work,Qingdao Municipal Health Commission and Qingdao Daily have selected the “top ten health news” in Qingdao in 2021.In March 2021, Novel Coronavirus vaccination was launched in Qingdao, with 33 Novel Coronavirus vaccination sites, 1,325 novel Coronavirus vaccination units and 6,796 people in service teams, with a maximum daily vaccination capacity of 380,000.By December 3, 2021, 23.1436 million novel coronavirus vaccines had been administered in The city, covering 9.6767 million people, with a coverage rate of 98.73% among people over the age of 3.9.351,500 people completed the whole course of vaccination, and 95.41% of people over 3 years old received the whole course of vaccination.Immunization coverage reached 3.362,500 million people, and the herd immunity barrier was strengthened.2. The “peak climbing Plan” has achieved initial results. Qingdao Hospital of People’s Hospital of Peking University and Jiaozhou Hospital of Oriental Hospital affiliated to Tongji University have been built, and citizens can enjoy “national level” expert medical services without leaving the city.It has built two comprehensive provincial regional medical centers, four specialized provincial regional medical centers, and one TCM provincial regional medical center. It has built three advantageous TCM clusters in Qilu, namely, lung disease, rehabilitation, and cardiovascular disease, and has significantly improved its diagnosis and treatment capabilities, technological innovation capabilities, and regional influence in difficult and severe cases.There are 15 national-level chest pain centers and 2 provincial-level chest pain centers in The city.Breakthroughs were made in six key health projects at the municipal level, with a total floor area of 887,600 square meters and a total investment of 8.427 billion yuan. Both the expansion of quality medical resources and the balanced distribution of regions were improved.3. Improvement of “Internet + Medical and Health” Service The application scenario of “One hospital in The city” was initially established, and an integrated service platform for people’s convenience and benefit was established, with 86 medical institutions connected and 12.54 million users served.We can make appointments at different times, query data in the whole process, and actively remind people in the whole process, so as to effectively solve the difficulties and problems in people’s access to medical and health services.The online payment system of “One payment for medical treatment” has been promoted and applied in 24 secondary and above public medical institutions.Qingdao Women and Children’s Hospital has piloted the credit medical treatment mode of “treatment first, payment later, no queue, no contact”, which effectively shortens the time for residents to pay for medical treatment.In 2021, Qingdao will meet the national health City review for the fifth time.Under the leadership of the municipal government, all districts and municipalities and relevant departments acted quickly and vigorously to carry out eight special renovation and upgrading actions to address the most concerned, direct and practical environmental health problems of the public, renovating 1,968 old residential areas (times) and 2,270 back streets and lanes.86,000 catering units were inspected, 13 farmers’ markets were upgraded, 1,798 farmers’ markets were inspected (times), and more than 250 tons of rodenticides were put into place. The city’s environment and sanitation improved continuously, and citizens’ awareness of civilization and health was further enhanced, thus safeguarding the golden sign of national health city.The municipal Health Commission and other five departments jointly issued the Notice on Social Security work for Rural Doctors, which was officially implemented on July 1, 2021, benefiting 3,605 rural doctors who did not participate in social security.The “Healthy Qingdao Science Popularization Resource Database” will be built to create a professional, authoritative, convenient and fast online health knowledge learning platform for citizens.The total number of blood donation houses has reached 20, forming a half-hour loving blood donation circle, forming the first intelligent blood iot platform covering urban and rural areas in China, providing citizens with convenient, comfortable, warm and safe blood donation services.The municipal financial investment of 12 million yuan to add emergency medical rescue equipment for the municipal emergency center, the province’s first emergency medical rescue unit, for the “14th five-year plan” to promote the sustained development of emergency medical rescue business laid a good foundation.In view of the current situation of high incidence of chronic diseases, Qingdao innovatively proposed the concept of “three-high co-management” for patients with diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia in 2017, and established corresponding policy system of collecting and paying for contracted services, medical insurance payment and team construction.From 2018 to 2019, pilot work of “three-level, three-level, three-level coordination of medical and prevention” will be carried out in Chengyang District, and promoted in the whole city in 2020.By the end of 2021, 836,000 people with chronic diseases such as “three highs” and “three Highs” had signed contracts in The city, an increase of 8% compared with before the implementation of the policy. The blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipid compliance rates of people under the “three Highs” management increased 15.3%, 6.2% and 44.1%, respectively, compared with before the implementation of the policy.In 2021, the launching site of the pilot program of integrated chronic disease management of medical and prevention of “Three high levels of Management and Six Diseases with prevention” in Shandong province was held in Chengyang District, and the typical practices of Chengyang District were promoted in the whole province.In May 2021, the Municipal Health Commission, together with the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Women’s Federation and other departments, issued the Implementation Plan of the “Two Cancers” Screening Project for Rural Women in Qingdao to further promote the free cervical cancer and breast cancer screening for rural women of appropriate age.The Program added breast color ultrasound examination items for the first time, raising the per capita examination standard to 128 yuan;A number of districts (municipalities directly under the central government) have continuously increased local financial input to expand the coverage of the “two cancers” program for urban and rural women.In 2021, 194,676 people were actually tested for “two cancers” in the city, and 230 people were confirmed by the examination. The cumulative completion rate of the examination among the target population reached 102.75%. Women’s awareness of prevention and treatment of “two cancers” has been significantly improved, and their prevention and treatment ability has been continuously enhanced, achieving early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.Infant care between 80 and 3 years old has been constantly improved and strengthened supervision over the registration and filing of child-care institutions, and the list and information of 67 child-care service institutions registered in the city have been released to the public to facilitate supervision and search for high-quality child-care service resources.There were 24 municipal and 3 provincial model childcare institutions.In 2021, 8,319 additional childcare facilities will be added, and the number of childcare facilities will reach 1.77 per 1,000 people in The city, with a year-on-year growth of 86.6%.35 institutions received 25.85 million yuan from the national Special action fund for Universal access to education.Chengyang District and West Coast New District were successfully selected as provincial pilot counties (districts and cities) for family education.Chengyang district in the city’s first pilot free nursery service, by expanding the enterprise trade union joint linkage, kindergarten, nursery, streets, community integration service mode, such as in the enterprise, community, set up more convenient, and free nursery point, take care of 0 to 3 years old infants and young children, to remove trouble back at home, dual-career couples over 30000 beneficiaries.Qingdao Diagnosis and Treatment Center for Difficult and Rare Diseases was established on June 18, 2021, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University (Qingdao), affiliated Hospital of Qingdao Youth University, municipal Hospital, Central Hospital, Haici Medical Group and Women and Children’s Hospital established Qingdao Diagnosis and Treatment Center for Difficult and Rare Diseases.The center has six coordination groups, including the coordination group for difficult and rare diseases of nervous system and the Coordination group for difficult and rare diseases of otorhinolaryngology head and neck surgery, providing comprehensive services for patients with difficult and rare diseases, including diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, genetic counseling and fertility guidance.The center brings together more than 40 well-known experts from 6 hospitals to create a multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment model, providing precise treatment for patients through remote consultation, offline consultation and other methods.Six member units of the center have opened a green channel to realize rapid referral and provide one-stop diagnosis and treatment services for patients with difficult and rare diseases.The province is the first to launch the “Electronic map of TCM Characteristic Services”. Citizens can log in the electronic map through the official website of The Municipal Health Commission, the wechat public account of “Qingdao Health” and the wechat public account of “Healthy Qingdao Science Popularization Resource Base”.It can easily enjoy the one-stop TCM diagnosis and treatment service, including institution search, department query, characteristic diagnosis and treatment and real-time navigation, which has benefited more than 20,000 people so far.HaiCi hospital of Qingdao city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (city) launched the twenty-four solar terms health medicinal food, help the citizens “timely, but not live to eat.” the keeping in good health habits, at present, the hospital outpatient service in all the subjects are able to provide the twenty-four solar terms health medicinal food services, experts can be drawn according to personal physical exclusive preserve one’s health medicinal food, help people improve the body quality and their own immunity, constantly raise the level of public health.□ Guo Jingli, reporter of Qingdao Daily/Sea View News