Shunyi, Beijing: Good luck on the summer ceremony

2022-06-02 0 By

Spring is the season of sowing. Our teenagers and children are in the spring of their lives.We need to plant the seeds of life for them and help them grow.On April 3, 2022, is one of the traditional shangsi festival, is also the Chinese clothes, on the morning of the same day, Beijing love security experience base joint of the next year, and jing hui classics, eloquence led part of shunyi and surrounding children, arrived in shunyi district willow village of peasant household red base, together into the natural, close to nature, at the same time with the traditional way, and to the children and parents to communicate the clothing culture,Etiquette culture, the growth of children’s character, a foundation for consolidation.(cultural interpretation) legend has it that the third festival is the birth of our cultural ancestor Yellow Emperor, the day of activities, children and parents have put on hanfu, together for the yellow Emperor salute a column fragrance, to show our respect for the yellow emperor, we do not forget the fundamental expression, in order to continue to move forward.Besides, Mr. Wang Dayong, general manager of Beijing Aiyi Safety Experience Base, wishes for the children by the traditional way of eliminating illness and improving their health, so that every child can grow up healthy and strong.Cultural exchanges through the clothing, the children know the clothing in addition to a warm, warm, beautiful, aims of natural features, such as Ming identity, show the pecking, don’t occasions, such as social function, the children said on the spot, not excessive pursuit of the luxury clothing, dress should choose a suitable for their own can, after garment your clean, not expensive China, on the following points, hereinafter referred to as home.(Serving tea) (children’s smile) On that day, the crowd carried out the traditional game of throwing pot, making sachets, singing water bottles, offering tea to parents and other activities, once again inheriting and carrying forward the Chinese nation’s “gratitude”, “tolerance”, “filial piety” and other excellent traditional culture.(Author: Zhang Zihua) Rector: Xu Shunxi