The price of pingyangmycin hydrochloride, an anti-cancer drug for injection, increased 13 times

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An investigation by People’s Daily Health Client reporter Chen Linhui found that pingyangmycin hydrochloride for injection of cancer drug is currently produced by only two pharmaceutical companies in China. The retail price of pingyangmycin hydrochloride has increased from 59.9 yuan per box to around 800 yuan, a 13-fold increase.China Medical Information inquiry platform shows that pingyangmycin hydrochloride for injection is an anti-tumor antibiotic medical insurance prescription drug.It is used for treating lip cancer, tongue cancer, gum cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer and other cervical squamous carcinoma.Can also be used to treat skin cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, esophageal cancer, penile cancer, vulva cancer, malignant lymphatic cancer and necrotizing granuloma.According to the website of the State Medical Products Administration, only three domestic pharmaceutical companies have been approved to produce Pingyangmycin hydrochloride for injection, namely Jilin Aodong Pharmaceutical Group Yanji Co., LTD., Hanhui Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., and Harbin Laibotong Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.At present, Hanhui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has stopped production of the drug.In October 2018, the Department of Drug Policy and Essential Medicine System on the website of the Chinese Government issued a notice on the national Essential Medicine List (2018 edition), “Pingyangmycin hydrochloride for Injection” was included in the National Essential Medicine List (2018 edition), effective from November 1, 2018.On December 6, 2019, issued by the national health insurance bureau regarding the current opinions for the management of drug prices, for the national and provincial drug supply security work in consultation with the shortage of shortage of linkage mechanism office varieties listed drug list, allowing the operator independent quotation, hanging net directly, medical institutions by the net price purchasing or purchasing bargaining with operator for further negotiation.Although the enterprise is allowed to “independent quotation”, but this “independent” behind is still subject to many restrictions.On several online shopping platforms, pingyangmycin hydrochloride for injection has exceeded 1,000 yuan per box.”The price of the medicine is different because the price of the medicine is different.”The staff member that many net buys a platform expresses, inject with hydrochloric acid pingyang mycin takes goods price expensive also sell expensive.At present, online shopping platforms have inflated the price of pingyangmycin hydrochloride for injection. In addition, the drug has a narrow range of availability and high research and development costs, making it difficult to maintain the supply and stable price of such drugs.On the official website of Jilin Aodong Pharmaceutical Group Yanji Co., LTD., pingyangmycin hydrochloride for injection is the company’s core product.”Pingyangmycin hydrochloride for injection has a narrow range of availability and high development costs.”Jilin Aodong Pharmaceutical Group Yanji Co., LTD sales manager said the drug is not currently suspended, patients need to strictly follow the doctor’s advice, through formal channels to buy drugs.”At present, the national uniform retail price is 796 yuan. Although the price increases, the pharmaceutical companies can make a little profit and will not stop production, so there will be no shortage of drugs for patients.”Sales staff of Harbin Laibotong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. said that pingyangmycin hydrochloride for injection had been discontinued because of small national demand before the price increase could not cover the production cost of the drug, and patients faced the dilemma of drug disuse.After raising the price in 2019, the company began to resume production in 2020. At present, only two pharmaceutical companies in China have started to restart production of this drug.However, online shopping platforms sell drugs at inflated prices, and patients are advised to buy them from hospitals or pharmacies.Source: Health Times