Wang Zhiying | Listening to the story of locust tree in Sanluli Town

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Listen to the story of locust tree in Sanlu Town locust tree, originally there are many stories;There are many more locust trees in Sanluli, which are almost impossible to tell.It was in the middle of last summer, when I was compiling a brief introduction to Red Sanluli, I went to shao Xianguo’s home with Lu Jianbo, the chief secretary of the Communist Party of Sanluli Village.Then come to King Park Street.See an ancient locust tree, the root is very big, the tree is very thick, about five or six big trunk, the crown is very wide, if the house under the crown, can be built three or four.Lu jianbo told me, “There are 12 ancient locust trees in the third road, all of which have a story about resistance against Japan.For example, when the situation is tense, direct contact between people is not convenient.The twelve ancient locust trees made great contributions to the anti-japanese guerrilla war.”Is located in the grass turned “ditch west zhuang”, under the village center has ancient tree, very big very strong, five elongation arms are overflowing, ancient African broke ground root coarse generous, into a natural rest on the bench, covered with dense canopy of more than 300 square meters of green shade, become the villagers spontaneously gathered a cool place and hold a mass meeting place.In 2007, the Salt Lake Government allocated funds to protect the ancient locust tree with iron fences and erect a monument to commemorate its 689 years of vicissitude.This ancient acacia tree can be protected because it has witnessed the generations of people in Gouxizhuang’s history and witnessed the massacre of the Japanese army in Gouxizhuang.In June 1941 (the fifth lunar month), two Japanese soldiers harassed the masses in gouxizhuang and Shengfan village. Li Fusheng, the deputy of Gouxizhuang village, gathered the masses and chased them to a narrow place at the bottom of the ditch. A young Man named Lei Tiemiao beat a Japanese soldier to death.The next day, the Japanese seized from the ditch West village south China, Lei Gaosheng, South Hengshan, Lei Zhenfeng, Wang Quan, Li Yulu, South Jiamao and other eight people, threatened to stomp ditch west village.Hearing the news, people have back well from the well.See this situation, the Japanese chief use “put the long line to catch the big fish” trick, to catch all eight people back, falsely said: “as long as the future no longer similar incidents, can be finished.”The peasants who had fled to other places returned to the village one after another.On the night of July 31, the Japanese army suddenly surrounded Gouxizhuang.Bayonet the colt and his father on entering the village;Du Rumei’s two-year-old brother Du Zamei is sleeping, was the Japanese leg will head thrown on the stone to death;With a three-foot rolling pin into bao Wa mother’s vagina, stabbed to death;Holding a dead child at the point of a bayonet and shaking a rattle;He bound the living and crushed them to death under a stone mill;Tie people to the wooden ladder, pour pepper water into the seven orifice;Forcing people to drink urine and shit;After injuring the children of Thunder, his wife, his mother, lei Long hair and his wife, the straw was placed under their bodies and burned to death.With bayonet poke Thunder Tiemiao, Thunder Tiemiao with both hands grasp the enemy bayonet resistance, was shot and killed by the Japanese…In less than five hours, the Japanese killed 74 people in Gouxizhuang.After the bloodbath, and set fire to the house, fire, blood streams, creating the appalling “Gouxizhuang tragedy”.Where there is oppression, there is resistance.Ditch west zhuang grief for strength, has nan Kunshan, Lv Xincheng, Sun Xiaosan, Sun Wenwa and other people to participate in the Anti-japanese guerrillas, sacrificed their lives for the Chinese nation against Japanese aggression, in the history of ditch West zhuang left a touching heroic deeds.Came to ditch east village, locust trees everywhere.All the trees are precious, mu mu is worth thousands of dollars.Originally, gou East village party branch secretary Lei Maodu, discovered locust rice is rich in “rutin”, it is cardiovascular disease after the Nemesis, study 18 years with great concentration, will a year can knot two season locust rice double season huai cultivated “rich locust”.Led by Lei Maoduan, the whole village, with double season robinia, they not only planted the large terraced fields into double season robinia, but also on both sides of the road, before and after the house, inside and outside the house, small pieces of corner land, cliff edge, DAMS with, even the gate can plant a tree, planted on the double season robinia, planted a total of more than 5000 mu,The original one mu can only income of one hundred and eighty yuan of traditional “national locust” increased to one mu average income of more than three thousand “double season locust”, per capita annual income of 7500 yuan, after 12000 yuan.In order to go one step further, Lei Maodu started the research work of high rutin locust as early as 2011.In 2018, gaohuai 1, Gaohuai 2 and Gaohuai 3 were successfully cultivated successively. The rutin content of the three new varieties was as high as 31%, 35% and 40% respectively, 16, 20 and 25 percentage points higher than the rutin content of 15% of double season robinia pseudoacacia. On December 31, 2019,The National Forestry and Grassland Administration awarded Lei Maoduan the new plant variety right certificate of gaohuai No.1.Then, Lei Mao-duan in the ditch east village transformed more than 400 acres of double season locust for high rutin locust, rutin content in more than 35%, for rice locust industry two brilliant bring Gospel.When the author and Lei Maodu talk about future plans, he said: “the double season huai huai gao Ruding huai is a revolution in the mi huai industry.It can not only increase the price of sophora rice, but also reduce the production cost, and bring the second glory for the sophora rice industry, which has important practical significance for the farmers in mountainous areas to fight poverty.”As he said this, Leomotan faced the mountain with bright eyes and full of confidence.About the author: Wang Zhiying, pen name Lu Feng, member of China Modern Writers Association.He used to be vice minister of propaganda Department of yuncheng Municipal Party Committee (now Yanhu District) and chairman of Literary and Art Federation.