We will do a good job in carrying out anti-epidemic activities

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Urumqi Evening News all media news (reporter Liang Shufang Jia Mengyan) into the park temperature measurement, time-limited streaming, “cloud” worship……At present, the city martyrs Cemetery, Dongshan Ecological Park, the city funeral home and other funeral services, under the premise of implementing epidemic prevention and control measures orderly open.On April 1, the reporter saw at the entrance of dongshan Ecological Park that the citizens who came to the festival were consciously wearing masks, taking the initiative to measure the temperature and then entering the park.In addition to masks, disinfectants and other protective items, volunteers constantly remind citizens to wear masks correctly and keep a safe distance.As the civilized low-carbon way of mourning is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, many citizens who come to the mourning have brought flowers, li Hongmei is one of them.”In order to minimize the number of people gathering together, my family decided to stagger the crowds and worship at the wrong peak after discussion.”Li hongmei said that the family agreed to simplify the mourning process and shorten the stay time.The city funeral service center related person in charge, after the temperature check code can be swept into the cemetery.During the Qingming Festival, people can also express their feelings of remembrance through online mourning and online memorial meetings.”We have been trying to promote online memorial services for several years. This year, multiple online cooperation platforms have diversified the forms of ‘online memorial services’. Citizens can light candles, offer flowers and send messages online, as well as use audio postcards and videos to remember the dead.”The chief said.How to do a good job of tomb Sweeping martyrs, the city martyrs Cemetery director Xu Zhong said, the cemetery epidemic prevention and control, security, environmental health and other preparations have been ready.Among them, the martyrs’ tomb area, monument square and other open areas, the cemetery to control the flow of worship;For the entrance and other areas that are easy to cause people to gather, do a good job of dredging management in different times and sections.At the same time, adequate epidemic prevention materials should be provided, and measures such as cleaning and disinfection of the park and indoor ventilation should be strictly implemented.Strictly control the flow of the tomb sweeping festival, allocate more personnel to strengthen the guidance of the tomb sweeping festival service and the order of the cemetery inspection, to ensure the safety of the tomb sweeping Festival.This year the martyrs’ Cemetery also relies on the Urumqi Martyrs’ Cemetery (www.wlmqlsly.com), “Urumqi Martyrs’ Cemetery” wechat public number and other websites and platforms, actively guide the masses to carry out “online sacrifice martyrs”, stay at home to pay respects to their relatives and remember the martyrs.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn