Angko flag limited time discount 30 million welcome test drive

2022-06-03 0 By

Rongcheng Mei Rongda Buick presents in February!Many low-priced models are waiting for you to grab!Extra discount for online booking!Old customers introduce new customers to enjoy exclusive gift package!Financial instalments 12 to 60!Luxury big 7 seat SUV Buick Anco flag, welcome to the store taste!Powertrain 8 years or 160,000 km warranty!For more information: 7623777!Promotion time from February 20, 2022 to February 20, 2022 Angke Flag latest quotation Model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Weihai quotation 652T two-drive noble model 299,900 yuan 3.00 yuan 269,900 yuan 652T four-drive noble model 314,900 yuan 3.00 yuan 284,900 yuan 652TFour-wheel drive enjoy flagship 335,900 yuan 33,900 yuan 305,900 yuan 652T four-wheel drive Avenir Aviya 359,900 yuan 33,900 yuan 329,900 yuan