Creating “Three Good Experiences” in Qianxinan Prefecture to Promote rural Leisure Tourism “Fire”

2022-06-03 0 By

In Qianxinan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, there are 1 national geopark, 6 national wetland parks, 1 national forest park, 1 national scenic spot, 7 provincial scenic spot and 48 A-level scenic spots.In recent years, Qianxinan prefecture focuses on creating “three good experiences” and constantly promotes rural leisure tourism “fire”.Xingyi Thousand peaks forest.Qianxinan Prefecture Government Office provides the plan to build a good fun route to build a boutique tourism complex based on leisure experience and coordinated development of folk customs, cultural and sports events and medical and health care, so as to achieve a sense of fun scenic spot experience.Up to now, 4 villages such as Shangna Grey Village have been selected as national key rural tourism villages, 28 villages such as Le Li Village have been selected as provincial key rural tourism villages, and 50 boutique tourism routes have been built.Centering on national AAA rural tourism scenic spots, focusing on fish and rice symbiosis, agricultural tourism and other aspects, vigorously developing agricultural industries such as Pearl barley and red rice to achieve a comfortable farming experience.Up to now, there are a total of 36 scenic spots planting 200,600 mu of rice and pearl barley.The town of Amei Qito.Qianxinan Prefecture Government Office provides the plan to build a good listen to the opera deeply excavating local customs, folk art and other cultural resources, introducing professional platforms, tailored for rural tourism scenic spots to create unique traditional music, traditional dance, traditional drama and other cultural and artistic works, to achieve a good sense of cultural experience.Up to now, it has created 6 cultural and artistic works such as “Joy Wan Feng Lin” and “A Mei Qi Tuo”.Source: Qianxinan Prefecture Government Office