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Shanghai International Sugar, Wine and Food Exhibition 2022 Shanghai International Sugar, Wine and Food Exhibition (SFDF)China – Shanghai – Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center Host: Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association, Shanghai Food Association, Shanghai Alcohol Circulation Industry Association Exhibition Scale: 75,000 square meters last session: 85,620 visitors last session: 1700 exhibitors product features: Shanghai Sugar and Wine FairSFDF Shanghai International Wine and Wine Exhibition (SFDF) is an indispensable professional trade show in Asia. It is a popular wine and sugar exhibition among exhibitors and purchasers.Shanghai international rum food exhibition (SFDF) the show is popular among local and surrounding countries and regions, over the years, favored by the exhibitors, international rum food exhibition in Shanghai (SFDF) heard many exhibitors said that the exhibition site, will continue to develop regional markets, and continue to participate in the professional exhibitions.Shanghai International Sugar and Wine Food Exhibition – Shanghai Sugar and Wine Fair (SFDF) is widely known as “the bond of friendship and the bridge of business.Based on China, Shanghai Sugar & Wine Club is making every effort to build itself into the top influential international wine and food industry event in the Asia-Pacific region with its unique geographical advantages and strong consumer market demand in China.Every year, during the Shanghai Sugar and Wine Fair, tens of thousands of new wine and food products from home and abroad will be attracted and tens of thousands of professional buyers will attend the fair, providing an unmissable opportunity for manufacturers, product sales and general agent enterprises to find distributors, agents and establish marketing system.Many overseas enterprises and industry organizations also hope to introduce more and better quality food and wine products to China with the help of SFDF, which is a display window and trading platform, in order to fight for the huge market share in China and meet the huge consumer demand.After years of accumulation and precipitation, the conference has become a comprehensive platform for food and wine enterprises around the world to grasp the current consumption situation, development trend, trade exchange and government-enterprise exchange.Shanghai International Sugar, Wine and Food Exhibition – Shanghai Sugar and Wine Fair (SFDF) target audience: relevant organizations and associations of various countries, foreign organizations in China, commercial and trade institutions, China procurement offices of international buyers, international commercial and trade institutions, etc.Wholesalers, agents, distributors/distributors, import and export traders, manufacturers, franchise stores, practitioners, consumers, suppliers, experts, researchers, industry organizations and associations, purchasers/franchisees, technical consultants, supermarkets, e-commerce, etc.;E-commerce industry: website designers, professional buyers of such websites and related media, etc.During the exhibition, there will be tens of thousands of new products of wine and food industry from home and abroad and tens of thousands of professional purchasers to participate in the exhibition, which will provide an unmissable opportunity for manufacturers and domestic general agent enterprises to find distributors and agents and establish marketing system.According to the on-site survey, Shanghai International Sugar, Wine and Food Exhibition (SFDF) has a certain place in the hearts of buyers. Many buyers say that their companies finish most of their annual purchase lists at this exhibition and are willing to recommend this exhibition to their friends and customers.Exhibition Area of Chinese famous wine: White wine, yellow rice wine, domestic wine, health wine, chateau wine and other international famous wine Exhibition Area: wine, beer, cocktail, liqueur, brandy, whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, sake, tequila and other food and beverage Exhibition area:Imported food, baked food, snack food and sweets, fresh food, edible oil and olive oil, fruits and vegetables, canned food, natural and health food, fashion drinks, high-end bottled water, milk and dairy products, ice cream and cold drinks, coffee and tea and other catering and franchise areas:Food and wine machinery: Beer and beverage manufacturing technology and equipment, food machinery and packaging technology, dairy ice cream machinery and technology and other wine and food matching and service Exhibition area:Education and training, wine investment institutions, e-commerce platform service providers, wholesale and retail and channel service providers, etc