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Bailang River in Weifang, Shandong.Economic data of various cities in 2021 will be released one after another.Among the cities with one trillion GDP, Weifang in Shandong has become the biggest dark horse.According to Weifang Daily, weifang’s GDP reached 701.06 billion yuan in 2021, an increase of 9.7%, ranking first in shandong province.In 2020, THE GDP of Weifang is 587.22 billion yuan, and in 2021, it will exceed 700 billion yuan, directly skipping 600 billion yuan, with an increment of up to 113.84 billion yuan.In 2021, Shandong’s GDP will increase by 996.69 billion yuan, and Weifang will contribute 11.4 percent.Such achievement, really bright eye.Weifang’s volume of 700 billion yuan is at the same level as Dalian, Xiamen, Shenyang, Kunming and other cities.At the beginning of 2021, Weifang proposed at the breakthrough of key work and mobilization conference for the development of service enterprises that “It is determined that the GDP of Weifang should exceed one trillion yuan, sprint to the top 30 of the comprehensive strength of large and medium-sized cities in China, and accelerate into the ranks of second-tier cities in China”.This goal was then written into the Weifang Government work report in 2021.At that time, it did not cause a great sensation. After all, The GDP of Weifang in 2020 was only 587.2 billion yuan. Although weifang is the fourth city in Shandong Province, it only ranks 39th in the whole country.Kite artisans tie kites in Weifang, Shandong province.Photo/Xinhua In the past year, Weifang has not only made outstanding achievements, but also run as a dark horse.Among them, the GDP standing at 700 billion yuan not only reflects the city’s economic strength has been greatly improved, but also means that the development of the whole city has reached a new level.In China, a city with a GDP of more than 700 billion yuan is often regarded as a reserve force for the “trillion-city”, or “quasi-trillion-city”.In the list of 2021 city GDP, Weifang ranks 34th (Changchun’s GDP is close to 700 billion yuan, the specific data has not yet been released), up five places from last year.Weifang has surpassed Shaoxing, Yangzhou, Nanchang, Yancheng and Shijiazhuang, and is on a par with Xiamen, only lagging behind Kunming and Shenyang by more than 20 billion yuan.It can be said that Weifang has successfully entered the reserve echelon of “Trillion club” in 2021.On the other hand, from the perspective of Shandong Province, Weifang’s GDP exceeding 700 billion yuan has a profound impact on the economic pattern of Shandong Province.At present, Qingdao and Jinan are the only two cities in Shandong province whose GDP exceeds one trillion yuan.After Qingdao, Yantai’s GDP will be 871.1 billion yuan in 2021. If there are no accidents, Yantai will be the next trillion yuan city in Shandong Province.At this year’s two sessions of Shandong Province, Yantai Mayor Zheng Deyan said, “In 2022, moving forward along the goal, Yantai is confident and more capable!”As Weifang stands on 700 billion yuan, it means that the trillion cities in Shandong province will likely reach four during the “fourteenth Five-year Plan”.As one of the important indicators to measure the economic strength of a region, GDP exceeding one trillion is a milestone in the development history of cities, and the increase of the number of one trillion cities will also boost the overall economic strength of the region.In the list of one trillion cities, Guangdong and Jiangsu each have 4 trillion cities. With the emergence of Weifang, Shandong is also expected to be close to Guangdong and Jiangsu in the competition of one trillion cities.According to shandong’s regional development plan, Jinan and Qingdao, two trillion cities, will achieve joint development in the future, and Weifang is in the middle of the two cities.Some media pointed out that, as a city in the middle of Shandong, Weifang can make Shandong “stand tall” after becoming strong, and can send force from jinan, Qingdao two directions, so that Shandong this economic aorta really strong.Speaking of Weifang, besides kites, what outsiders know about Weifang is probably agriculture.Shouguang, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Weifang, is a well-known vegetable town in China. Every year, nearly billions of pounds of vegetables are transported from Shouguang to all parts of the country.What is not known is that the manufacturing industry is weifang’s biggest economic contribution industry sector, but also an important pillar industry of weifang’s national economy.Official data show that in 2021, weifang’s industrial added value above designated size increased by 12.5% year-on-year, with an average growth of 10.4% in two years.Manufacturing added value rose 12.5 per cent, while electricity, heat, gas and water production and supply rose 14.3 per cent.In terms of total industrial output value, in 2021, weifang’s industries above designated size achieved operating revenue of 1,092.91 billion yuan, an increase of 21.7%.Weifang has 37 of the 41 industrial industries in China, including all 31 manufacturing industries in the national economic industry classification.At the beginning of this year, Weifang was one of the only two sites where Shandong province organized an event to observe the key project of “Five Years of Breakthroughs” in the transformation of old and new drivers.▲ Engines produced by Weichai Group.Weifang is the location of Weichai Group, one of the World’s top 500 companies. In 2020, the revenue of Weichai exceeded 300 billion yuan, ranking first among the Top 100 Chinese machinery industries.The strength of Weifang’s manufacturing industry is also reflected in the number of individual champions in manufacturing.From 2017 to 2020, Shandong has selected 371 provincial manufacturing single champion enterprises, including 57 from Weifang, 47 from Jinan, 37 from Yantai, 36 from Zibo, 32 from Tai ‘an and 31 from Qingdao.In addition to ranking first among 16 cities in terms of the number of individual champions, Weifang also has 27 “specialized and special new” small giant enterprises, 71 Gazelle enterprises, 303 “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprises and 1002 national high-tech enterprises.In 2020, two weifang enterprises were selected as China’s Top 500 enterprises, 10 enterprises were selected as China’s Top 500 Manufacturing enterprises, and 3 enterprises were selected as China’s Top 500 Private enterprises.By 2021, weifang will have 4 enterprises listed in China’s top 500.Careful observation of the development history of Weifang’s manufacturing industry will find that the first 10 years of the 21st century is the rapid growth of Weifang’s manufacturing industry.During this period, Weifang has formed industrial groups of machinery and electronic information, and cultivated world-renowned companies such as Weichai and Goer.Among them, Weichai has become the world’s largest diesel engine supplier, Goer has become the world’s largest Bluetooth headset OEM company and VR (virtual reality) headset supplier, and the only Chinese company to rank among the world’s top 10 microelectronics companies.Why can Weifang?Weifang is one of the few cities in Shandong and even the whole country where industry and agriculture go hand in hand.In 2020, the total agricultural output value of Weifang reached 103.8 billion yuan, accounting for about one tenth of the total value of Shandong province.In agriculture, the Modern Agricultural Research Institute of Peking University jointly established by Shandong Province and Peking University is located in Weifang.It is understood that, according to the operation mode of “basic teaching in Peking University, scientific research in Weifang, achievement transformation in Shandong”, the institute accelerates the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and creates modern agricultural science and technology and talent “Silicon Valley” in Weifang.Why can Weifang realize industry and agriculture go hand in hand?Some experts point out that in the division of labor of shandong Peninsula urban agglomeration, Jinan and Qingdao bear more comprehensive functions such as politics, finance, science and technology and culture, while prefecture-level cities like Weifang bear more functions of industrial highland, and the real economy is the core competitiveness of cities.In the province, weifang’s position as a strong economic city is also being strengthened.From the perspective of policy, Jiaodong Economic circle is emphasized in the “14th Five-year plan” of Shandong Province, and it is explicitly proposed to support Weifang to lead the high-quality development of national agricultural modernization, and to build an international power city and advanced manufacturing highland.According to the “Shandong Peninsula Urban Agglomeration Development Plan” released by Shandong Province, Qingdao will be the leading city to promote the strong core clustering and group development with Yantai, Weifang, Weihai and Rizhao in the future.Geographically, Weifang is located between Jinan and Qingdao, and is an important node of shandong’s east-west economic corridor.This means that in Shandong Province, Weifang will be further prominent as the central city of Shandong Peninsula city group.Article | new Beijing think-tank researcher Check ‘