Seeking advice!It’s about the water bill for wuzhou people

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Recently, the Development and Reform Commission of Wuzhou city issued a notice on its official website, soliciting public opinions on matters related to the management of water supply prices.It is understood that the adjustment of the water supply price management policy mainly involves the adjustment of the stepped water volume standard for residents and the preferential treatment of water for people in difficulty.The third step water price and water quantity standard will be adjusted. In terms of the stepped water quantity standard for residential water, starting from May 2022, the stepped water price for residential water will be set at three levels, and the difference will be arranged in a ratio of 1:1.5:3.The monthly water consumption of “one household with one meter” is less than 35 cubic meters per household (including the principal amount).Monthly water consumption greater than 35 cubic meters per household and less than 50 cubic meters per household (including this number) is the second step water consumption;The monthly water consumption is more than 50 cubic meters per household.Comparison table of water price and charge before and after adjustment/Huang Qianyi Family population more than 5 people, with household register, residence permit and other applications to the water supply enterprise, after verification by the water supply enterprise, each additional one person, the first and second monthly water consumption increased by 7 cubic meters/person, 10 cubic meters/person respectively.The water supply price shall be 1.05 times of the first step price for the joint meter reading households and non-resident users who are subject to the domestic water price.Zero sister understands from wuzhou of development and reform commission, the inhabitants of the adjustment of a home in a table, the price of the first step and second step does not change and the third ladder water price, while a third growth, but because the ladder of the third water standards from more than 40 m3 / month water adjustment to the water consumption is greater than 50 cubic meters/households,Fewer people are able to reach the third rung, and spending is lower.Increase in water expenditure for metered households For metered households and non-resident users who are eligible for metered households, the price will increase by 5%, i.e. Hk $0.06 per cubic metre of water (for guangdong Water users), and the monthly expenditure will increase by HK $1.2 for a household of 20 cubic metres per month.It is understood that the policy of 5% increase in the price of the closed table households is implemented in accordance with the relevant policies of the autonomous region;Second, the principle of fairness is taken into account. At present, stepped-price is implemented for households with one meter, but the lowest step is implemented for households with one meter.Third, it should be conducive to promoting the renovation of one table for each household and saving water.Free water for Needy People 5 cubic meters of water per month For each household in urban and rural areas designated by civil affairs departments as subsistence allowance recipients, people in extreme poverty, orphans and children with no one to support them (the water supply fee in urban areas is exempted, but water resource and sewage treatment fees are not included).According to the survey, in Wuzhou city, there are about 7,549 water-users with subsistence allowances, extremely poor people, orphans and unsupported children.After the implementation of the policy, it is estimated that the water expenditure of the poor people will be reduced by about 563,400 yuan per year, or about 75 yuan per household per year, and the living burden of the poor people will be reduced to some extent.In terms of special water use, after the adjustment, special water use will be included in the implementation scope of the over-quota (planned) progressive pricing system, which will be implemented in accordance with relevant notification documents.Read special refers to wash the car and car beauty industry in the use of water, wash bath, foot bath, sauna, KTV, bar, teahouse, water high-grade health massage, hairdressing fitness, water (including hotels, restaurants, the unit with the industry water), manufacturing (including water) of drinking water, the operational water projects in the use of water (swimming pool).Statement: This article is reprinted for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: