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Speaking of paranormal doll, you mind must be such images, chardonnay, however, said today to introduce the ghost, she is not as evil as ferocious as you think it looks fine, looks good, is one of the top of doll world handsome boy, such a beautiful thing, why would become a nightmare of countless families, let XiaShu bring you into the exquisite contract 2,Uncover its mysterious veil for you, the woman in the picture is named Jinjie, is a gentle and virtuous mother, her husband Is attentive to the family, the son is cheerful and lively, this should be a happy and sweet family.I thought I’d seen enough sunshine, how cheap and common it is, till I saw you in a sea of faces, I never really saw sunshine — Walter Irwin I’ll be there for you, please don’t worry, please don’t go far.Even if place oneself huge crowd boundless and indistinct, but once looked into your eye, then feel noisy, only feel heart huan ❤️ I love you like a tractor up the mountain with vigour and vitality, my love to you is like a shrewdly scold street same gushing.Gently close to your ear wipe wave hey yo.I hope to come as promised, not only winter, and you.Go, too, this year, slowly but surely, and get better together.I want to take you through the concrete forest, through the eyes of the people not afraid of through the gossip, I want your sweet kiss in the morning, I want your naked body at night, I want your soul, I want to feel your temperature for the rest of my life.Because of you, I fell in love with xinghe, from now on see mountain is not mountain, see water is not water, full of beautiful things are you ✨