The atmosphere!Su yiming may no longer appeal, accept the fact of losing gold, coach: understand the difficulties of referees

2022-06-03 0 By

The men’s snowboard slopestyle final at the Beijing Winter Olympics has passed in recent days, but the controversy hasn’t stopped there.China’s Su Yiming was the runner-up and the gold medal went to Canada’s Max Parrott.During the match, spectators’ questioning of Su’s scoring was suppressed by the referees, while her opponent’s mistakes were ignored.As the head of the referee Shumathic admitted that there was a mistake in scoring during the match, it caused a heated discussion on the Internet.Asked if the score would have been different if the referee had indeed seen gold medalist Max Parrott not grabbing the board, Shumatic replied: “Yes, the score would have been different.”In the final result, Max Parrott took the gold medal with 90.96 points, while Su took the silver with 88.70 points.The biggest complaint was that Max Parrott scored high marks for his flawed movements, which were not seen from the referee’s point of view.On the other hand, Su yiming’s movements were not perfect either. The referee saw clearly through the camera, but the audience couldn’t see her hand touching the snow surface, so she was docked points.Under reasonable circumstances, Parrott would have been docked three points, which would have guaranteed him a lower score than Su and an extra gold medal for China.Chinese netizens were once again excited by the referee’s mistake, with many calling for a petition. After all, the referee himself admitted that he had made a mistake, and they did not want the efforts of a 17-year-old boy to be ignored.Another said, What matters is fairness and justice, not gold MEDALS.In an open letter, coach Hirohiro Sato said he and Su understood the difficulty of real-time scoring, thanked the judges for their efforts, and urged the public to stop criticizing them.In fact, After the match, Yasuhiro Sato saw the controversy on the Internet, and he spoke with Su and the referee on the phone, but not to complain about the result, but to express his indifference.Skiing culture is created by all of us, some mistakes are taken for granted, and this result is also the motivation for Su to work harder in the future.Of course, there are also professional interpretation said that the referee shumatic thought that after hindsight found the missed call, not only think parrott’s jump problem, if the retrospective, then each athlete’s score may be changed.