New Year of the Tiger auspicious snow police busy clearing snow

2022-06-05 0 By

Recently, the first snow of the New Year of the Tiger arrived unexpectedly, and the whole city was covered with snow and became enchanting, but the snow on the roads also brought inconvenience to people.In order to protect the people’s safe travel, ensure the smooth urban road traffic, yushan District People’s Procuratorate party members police in the party group secretary, prosecutor-general he Yuming led, came to the garden road section, the surrounding snow cleaning, although the wind blowing, wet road, but the police are enthusiastic, full of energy.They worked together to clear the road of snow that was not easy to melt, shovel-by-shovel-pushing it to the side of the road with tools like shovels and snow shovels.The hospital also organized police officers to clean the snow in the office and surrounding roads, which not only facilitates the travel of nearby residents but also ensures the safety of police officers.Police carry forward the spirit of not afraid of dirty, not afraid of tired, for everyone to clear the hidden dangers of the road, the red “small umbrella” volunteer service team vest became a beautiful scenery in the snow and ice, for the original cold winter brought a trace of warmth.