Oil into the $9 area?Don’t panic!Auchan auto helps oil prices back to 7 yuan era

2022-06-05 0 By

On April 2nd, under the background of oil price becoming a hot word on the Internet, Auchan Auto launched the first shot of oil subsidy in the industry, taking the lead in launching 60 million liters of fuel subsidy, helping the oil price to return to the era of 7 yuan.During April, consumers will enjoy 2000 yuan cash oil card under the order of Auchan X5, 4000 yuan cash oil card under the order of Auchan X7 PLUS, and every weekend have the opportunity to draw 10,000 yuan cash oil, the earlier the order, the more lucky draw opportunities, the greater the probability of winning!In addition, consumers can also pay attention to auchan online cloud group purchase, participate in the live broadcast room 5.5 yuan /7.7 yuan per second to 1000 yuan cash fuel card and other benefits, to win more fuel supplement, realize the freedom of refueling.In order to buy Aushang X5 for example, 100 kilometers oil consumption 6L, if a year to run 20000 kilometers, 92 oil every liter 8.7 yuan, a year oil costs total 10440 yuan.After obtaining the 2000 yuan gas card, the actual expenditure is 8,440 yuan, which means the actual cost per liter is 8,440 yuan / 1,200 =7.03 yuan, completely returning to the era of 7 yuan oil price.If the new car owner is lucky enough to draw 10,000 yuan in cash, it will not only return to the era of 7 yuan oil price, but the equivalent of a year’s fuel cost to Auchan, think of it all feel exciting.In addition to real subsidies on oil prices, Auchan also offers three repurchase gifts in terms of car purchase policies, including financial discount interest up to 7,200 yuan, replacement subsidy up to 4,000 yuan, and free basic traffic for five years, so that users have no pressure or anxiety in the whole process of down payment, monthly payment and car use.For a long time, Auchan automobile marketing is known for innovation, dare to break the situation, dare to go out of the circle, dare to fire the first shot in the industry. What is the reason why Auchan Automobile is so confident?Confidence first comes from the support of the majority of users.In 2021, auchan’s annual sales volume was close to 230,000 units, with a year-on-year growth of 49%, ranking among the top 10 brands in China.Among them, the sales volume of Auchan X7 and Auchan X5 by the end of 2021 exceeded 210,000 sets and 130,000 sets, respectively, which are popular among consumers.Confidence also comes from auchan’s pioneering innovation gene.From the industry’s first “double insurance double free” policy, to the industry’s first worship of membership service throughout the “selection, purchase, use, repair, exchange” life cycle;From inviting hundreds of users into the Great Hall of the People to participate in the launch conference of Auchan X7, to the “super tester” of each station verifying the strict quality of every inch of the product by users themselves…Auchan is always willing to be the first to do anything beneficial to users.Confidence comes from auchan’s adherence to the brand concept of “customer – led”.Auchan auto always takes “maximization of user value” as the thinking source of all actions. It is eager to meet customers’ needs, think about customers’ thoughts, and do what customers need. It is willing to invest real money and silver to meet customers’ needs, take practical actions and see actual results.Adhere to the theory of double value, to create popular products to do marketing is so, so is the product.Auchan Automobile adheres to the value pursuit of “providing customers with value twice the cost of customers”, and has created a series of popular high-quality products with high value and high reputation, which are favored by consumers.Auchan X7 PLUS continues auchan X7’s explosive features and eye-catching new natural aesthetic design. Blue Whale’s new generation NE1.5T high pressure direct injection motor + Blue Whale 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission is born for driving. Intelligent configuration is advanced in all aspects, and wide space is ahead of the same level, which can be called a necessary good product for family travel.”Supersensory · New Sports SUV” Auchan X5 is born for the extreme,With track mode, myctless CAR KTV, face recognition, Clairy-eye and Wind-ear “four levels unique” and 0.30CD ultra-low wind resistance, new Blue Whale NE1.5T engine, new light design concept, 40 decibels idle speed, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 core car chip OnStyle3.0 smart ecosystem “five levels leading”,Set a new benchmark for the value of mainstream SUV of 100,000 class.And start carrying happy wisdom cockpit “car robot” auchan Z6, with speed, very boring, open OnStyle5.0 smart car operating system, as well as the industry a smart car outside voice control, automatic remote valet parking, integrated adaptive cruise system configuration, triad super set pieces and high-tech, break the perceptual limitations, link the infinite scene,Give happiness more imagination, make the car into the third living space beyond the work and family scene, give people infinite longing.Last but not least: The launch of 60 million liters of auchan automobile fuel supplement directly meets consumer demand and brings the oil price back to 7 yuan era. It is undoubtedly a real benefit for people who plan to buy cars, and it is worth taking good care of.At the same time, it is another vivid practice of Auchan’s “customer-led” brand concept.Left hand grasp products, to create a series of high-quality cars;Right hand grasp service, launched a series of intimate policies;The satisfaction of value gained by users always exceeds their own expectations, which is the biggest secret of the steady rise of Auchan’s brand appeal in recent years.