Pure love article: “Men’s Wives also sexy” more and more addiction, disease charming CP mutual favor, 9.8 points of sweetness burst

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Hello everyone, the Fingertip Bookstore is back!I heard that you have a shortage of books, is worried to find a good book, the same as the fans of xiaobian today to recommend to you a good novel, minutes to let fans friends see addiction do not sleep!Today xiaobian to everyone recommend: pure love article: “Men’s wives also sultry” more see more addiction, disease jiao CP mutual pet, 9.8 minutes sweet degree burst crack first book: “Men’s wives also sultry” author: Ma Yi Ru xue introduction: “Lu Zhi, we should not have been together.”Cui Hang fought back tears in her eyes.”So you fucking let me fall in love with you?”After three hours in the hot sun, Lu Zhi looked at the time and indicated to the other instructors that it was ok. Then the other instructors took their classes to the canteen one after another, feeling very hungry.Lu Zhi insists that the three shifts for last, and then he said to them, “today is something, let you feel the first, formally began two weeks of military training tomorrow, remember, military training achievement will record to your archive, can affect your scholarship the impression of the new school year and in front of the teacher, how do you do your own.”Oh, my god. Is that what I call mawei?Cui Hang felt that she had no energy to think about anything, even liu He could not remember.The sun is hanging on top of the head like that, as if who lights the lights without spending electricity bills, can be strong luminous fever.At noon, the ground seems to have been able to see the heat, the naked eye when the ground, feel that the shape of the ground, something wrong.(click below free reading) the second: “call brother sugar to eat” author: Mu Ye seed introduction: with the school bully, the gap so big?Lin yi: I am the bully of outstanding achievement student, you are bully of bully, can be same?The awkward atmosphere between the two continued to spread, until Gou Xiangyang panting, half alive in front of their eyes, this silence was broken.Lin’s mixed fried rice, before leaving Lu Bei specially told that there was no corn in the mixed fried rice, Gou Xiangyang ran in a hurry, his boss told all behind.When Lin opened his lunch box, he was greeted by an unpleasant smell. He had eaten too much corn paste when he was a child and was so tired of it that when Lin grew up, the sight of corn made him sick.Gou Xiangyang patted his head with a face of apology: “Sorry, Lin Ge, there are too many people ordering food. In order to buy it back for you as soon as possible, I forgot to tell the boss not to eat corn.””Nothing.”You can’t waste a dog’s kindness because of a few corn.Lin picked out the corn one by one and put it aside. Just picked out four or five, his meal was changed by the man on the other side.”You eat mine.” Someone pushed his fried rice with green pepper toward Lin, then started eating it with a mix of fried rice.In fact, he is not very like corn, but not so serious as Lin yi, he still can swallow.(Click below to read it for free.)Chris?What are you thinking of?”Right son looks very dissatisfied, early in the morning oneself was woken up, Chris is still free state.”Ah?Nothing. I’ve been thinking about something lately. Well, let’s go out. “Chris recovered.Pit guide 3: “Norgrad, you are my best disciple, but I cannot take you with me this time.”Reina oddo facing the northrop grumman, “although this time the fight to win, but we will lose much loyal christians and I don’t know, Mr. Murong’s strength was more than X, I also don’t know what will be tough to the point where, if I didn’t come back, bring my mask the Pope, and a ring of holy light, without the Lord, the temple can’t 1, seventh generation BOSS you will be the blue sky,I have informed the Council of elders that, should I fall from the throne, the order of the soul shall be broken, and the hour shall come.”The shadowy Figure behind him, Norgrad, bowed and said, “Students, welcome your teacher’s triumphant return. Everything is under the protection of god!””Maybe.”Renaldo smiled ruefully.In front of the throne, Norgrad stares at the fragments, then slowly picks up the papal mask and slowly carries it up: “From now on, I am the new king of the blue sky.”The eyes beneath the mask burst into flames symbolizing the holy, “Almighty God, I in the name of the new BOSS of blue sky…”Boom, outside the cathedral, with the throne as the center, surrounded the whole cathedral of the holy light suddenly rose, followed by a people could not help kneeling down to worship the overwhelming attack came over.”Have you been seated?””That is to say, Renaldo has fallen. I command all members of the Blue Sky to assemble outside the cathedral to receive the new Pope.”(Click below to read for free) Picture source from the network, infringement will delete today’s novel recommendation here!Does xiaobian talk about your heart?You can also leave a comment to tell me your latest novel, we share good books!See you next time!