The front face looks too much like a Toyota Elfa!Roewe new MPV official plan released, the soonest second quarter on the market

2022-06-05 0 By

Recently, A group of iMAX8 pure electric model official image obtained from roewe official, the new car is expected to be launched in the domestic market in the second quarter of this year.At the same time, its fuel version has also been launched in the domestic market for sale, the manufacturer’s guide price is 188,800 to 253,800 yuan, and many consumers call it the “Chinese VERSION of GL8” model, the main competitors also cover Buick GL8, Trumpchi M8, Honda Odyssey and other models.It is reported that the roewe iMAX8 pure electric model has a 550km range and can complete 30-80% battery reserve in 30 minutes.At the same time, the new car also uses zero-combustion battery technology, and provides a unique lie down arrangement battery design, as well as high-tech high temperature porcelain flame retardant material, can achieve physical isolation, in order to ensure that a single cell thermal loss of the chain reaction.Roewe iMAX8 pure electric version of the front face is equipped with ronglin black diamond closed grille, both sides are also equipped with LED headlights, the overall modeling design and Toyota’s Elfa model is similar.The side of the body is equipped with multi-spoke aluminum alloy wheels and is expected to be equipped with dual electric side sliding doors, while the overall shape of the rear part of the car may be consistent with the fuel version of the car.