With three nods and a big Easter egg, “The Professional” is expected to make more than $2.7 billion

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As of 1:57 PM on Feb 4, professional ticketing platforms have posted posters showing the movie raking in 800 million yuan.After the film was released in China on February 1, the box office continued to rise, leading to an increase in the number of films screened in cinemas. Currently, the box office predicted by ticket platforms has reached 2.716 billion yuan. As long as the box office and public praise remain stable, the box office may soar to a higher level, and it is even expected to become the highest-grossing film of Mahua Happy Film.There is no doubt that the killer is not very calm, is a box office is a horse, a long time, little new comedy films are not famous actors individual IP, review of comedy movies, often fill less Shen Teng, Huang Bo, Xu Zheng and others, and “the killer is not very calm” starring wei zifeng from the west rainbow city’s richest man began to enter the audience attention,After “Me and My Hometown” and “Hello, Li Huanying” are all supporting roles, be mixed face familiar, but how many people can remember his name?It was a blockbuster, and there’s no denying that his acting was really good.It’s not complicated to sum up the success of Not Too Cool.First of all, movies are in the right place at the right time.Five live-action films will be released this Spring Festival, including Watergate Bridge and Sniper, both of which are heavy on war.The story of a young entrepreneur in Shenzhen, “Miracle” is a heart-wrenching tale of his brother and sister’s plight. It’s not a comedy.Originally, Han Han’s “The Four Seas” had Shen Teng in it, so that the audience had the expectation of a comedy film, but it was found that there was a big psychological gap, and the film was half happy and half sad.Therefore, the Spring Festival want to see a real pure comedy live-action film, only “The Killer is not too calm” one can choose, in the same type of competition, has met the box office prerequisite.Secondly, the movie is really funny enough, and every punchline is successful.The Killer is a remake of Japanese director Toshimi Miya’s famous work “Magic Time”, the original is an actor into a gang, a drama within a drama story.Based on a solid script and well-constructed characters, The Not-so-Cool Killer is half the battle.It is worth mentioning that the adaptation was very successful indeed.Movie actually just retain the “magic moment” story about the character of context and framework, and didn’t completely copy, creative team to reset the characters, lines, the camera language also has the very big change, even the art style is completely different, “this killer is not too cool” to the audience a completely overhead setting, but there is no lack of again beauty, bring the audience the enjoyment on the vision.In the punchline, really have too many memorable moments, wei zifeng playing the role of a successful, wei wei and killer, as to the identity of the dislocation continuously build the punchline, and wei success when translation, and Allen, a few stars, including the church in stamping scenes make people laugh to stop, wei zifeng is indeed a great comic gifts of good actor.The third reason is that comedy is very difficult to create. It requires the creative team to devote themselves to every detail and polish it carefully. The Uncool Killer also sets a good example in this respect.The movie has at least three tributes and an important Easter egg.There is a scene in the movie is the home of the wei success, if your eye, can see with all kinds of movie posters on the wall, with Clint eastwood, al pacino, etc., try some of the scenes in the drama, also can see such as chow, Stephen chow’s shadow, all of these are different from the “localization” of the original, of course, also shows that wei success is indeed a movie lovers,Just one chance missing.Tributes to classic movies followed, and I noticed at least three.Salute the first place, the godfather of marlon brando, the scene wei success sitting in the back seat, a dress and a tie, in the chest with flowers, also mimics marlon brando’s husky voice, obviously is a salute to the godfather, and, although age and image is very different, but wei zifeng imitation really is very strong.The second tribute, is wei Cheng gong chase Miller to see shot material, it can not escape, Miller had to play with Ma Li’s sister Milan, temporary “borrow” someone else’s studio, with a real camera to Wei Success shot a scene.That scene, in which Wei manages to play a music-loving assassin with a violin box in his hand, is a second homage to the classic series once Upon a Time in Mexico.The third tribute, which many of you have seen, is dancing in the rain, is singing in the rain.Wei Xiang from facial expression to body language grasp are lifelike, is indeed a strong plasticity of good actors.In addition, the movie has an important Easter egg.At the end of the titbit, Wei Xiang, holding flowers, thanked director Xing Wenxiong for his dream of a leading actor.At first glance, it is hard to tell whether wei Xiang or Wei Chenggong is feeling.But wei xiang’s reference to “Wenxiong” must be director Xing Wenxiong, so this paragraph should be his own emotion.It can be seen that Wei Xiang and Wei Chenggong are very similar both in and out of the play. They have spent many years waiting for a movie starring themselves, and Wei Xiang really succeeded this time.Years of long-cherished wish to be realized, Wei Xiang will definitely be fully committed to the performance, which has such a good quality and audience response!And finally, have you seen “The Killer is Not Cool”?How much do you think it’s gonna make?