Encounter tai Lakeside long horse and Jiangnan University yue ma youth talk about the beauty of design

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Introduction: Since ancient times, Jiangnan area has always been the core area of Chinese art and design aesthetics, and the Oriental charm has become tractable in the poetic and pictorial water town.Thanks to this atmosphere, the School of Design of Jiangnan University, which has the longest history of modern design education in China and the earliest design art discipline in China, was born here.And in the circle, Changan Mazda is well versed in Oriental aesthetics, always design as a brand of this.This time, changan Mazda entered Jiangnan University, when the automotive design industry leader, and China’s design teaching pioneer met in the lake taihu, the new chapter of school-enterprise design beauty has opened.The development history of the School of Design of Jiangnan University has written many “No.1 in China”, and has the reputation of “Whampoa Military Academy” in China’s design circle.After long-term accumulation of practice, the School of Design of Jiangnan University has formed an excellent academic tradition and a practical style of study, and enjoys a good reputation in the academic circle.Jiangnan university design institute, vice President of Liao Xi as host for the arrival of the guests a warm welcome, “came to Z generation, time in ‘new engineering, under the big background of jiangnan university design institute has been thinking about how to combine real academic and practice effectively, the chang an Mazda can into the design of jiangnan university college,It is really necessary to share the industry experience of automobile design to promote the development of the discipline.”Changan Mazda and jiangnan university design institute like-minded, soul of dynamic design in design also won praise from numerous, changan Mazda sales organisations marketing vice President and general manager and chuan said, “come to jiangnan university design institute, the Oriental aesthetic and academic atmosphere and the chang an Mazda building cars such as art idea coincides with mine.In changan Mazda’s five unique values, the design with rich artistic feeling and Japanese craftsman’s art are derived from Oriental aesthetics.As a small and beautiful enterprise, Changan Mazda also hopes to use the spirit of centaur and pleasant driving experience, so that more people can experience the charm of Changan Mazda.”Like transportation “tools” in any period, cars were invented initially to solve and improve the travel ability of human beings, and then extended carrying and production on the property of “tools”.Cao Ming, deputy dean of the School of Design at Jiangnan University, who used to drive a Mazda MX-5, shared, “Why do some people prefer fuel and manual driving? They care more about the primitive pleasures of driving, which Mazda has worked so hard on.I used to drive a Mazda MX-5 when I was in college, and I found that Mazda has invested a lot in human research, technology transformation, market development, and especially the appeal of the ultimate consumer, which is very respectable.”At the same time, Changan Mazda TDC modeling development designer Liu Yifan in the scene to case teaching way of a profound interpretation of Mazda’s soul aesthetics, “Mazda’s soul, is all kinds of grounding and unique style of the Beauty of the Lin Yan, is the integration of craftsmanship under the art.Mazda will design into technology, but also the car as an art.The car, as a model of human-computer interaction, needs to achieve the ultimate in experience, which is also a goal of Mazda design in the next section.”Generation Z occupies an increasing market share in the automobile market. While pursuing independence and novelty, they have set different standards for what makes a good car in their mind.In the interactive part of the salon, Chuan Shangren, Liu Yifan and the teachers and students of Jiangnan University communicated about the brand value, future talent development direction and the evolution of Mazda design language.Executives face the opportunity is rare, have a design professional classmates speak very want to join changan Mazda work, and sichuan is very welcome, LiuYiFan also urges as a professional designer, he hope young designers or want to grind the solid basic skills, always carrying a workman beginner’s mind, this is the way of choose and employ persons Mazda.When it comes to new energy future, industrial design background students for making cars, such as art with interest, creatively put forward the soul of dynamic design power industry to break the possibility of this LiuYiFan believe that soul of dynamic design for car into life, is the basic concept of subtraction aesthetic design in new energy market advantage, and sichuan and it is also very sure answer,Mazda’s soul design is to integrate the beauty of life into the design of animal posture, and will adhere to this design aesthetics unchanged.There were many Mazda fans at the event, including some students who had driven the car themselves, and they praised the styling and driving sense of Mazda.While Mazda’s fan base is dominated by young people, Mazda doesn’t try to please them.As a small but beautiful brand, Mazda hopes to find young people who really love cars and pursue beauty. Mazda cherishes these young people and hopes to resonate with them.