Jisoo confirms SOLO debut!Strength can play can sing, malicious rejection of small transparent impression

2022-06-06 0 By

Jennie, Rose, Lisa and Jisoo will soon return to the stage after starring in the Korean drama Snowdrop.During the live broadcast, Jisoo confirmed that he would SOLO this year, which made fans go crazy!Jisoo was appointed as the face of the team when it was formed, but because of the unique charm of the members, there are many fans!Let her be ridiculed as an invisible person with only the level of appearance, let her in both resources and MV shots are poor, relegated to “small transparent”, let her fans for her injustice.Black fans defined her as an invisible person. YG’s neglect did not make Jisoo give up, but made progress within her own ability.Restricted from speaking due to her poor English, she also said on the air that more interesting things could happen if her English was better.Although there is no SOLO debut, nor too many stages to show themselves, Jisoo also with his own efforts to transform the actress to play the heroine Yin Yinglu in Snow Drop flower.Although the transition was not smooth under the script and black fan controversy, she still succeeded in becoming an actress.#DIOR loves her!As long as YG release people immediately take away the signing efforts will be seen, shining gold will never be drowned.Jisoo is not only performing both songs, but also DIOR brand spokesperson. When participating in Paris Fashion Week, DIOR CEO said directly: If Jisoo is fired by YG, I will directly take her away!It’s a sign of the fashion industry’s love affair with Jisoo.Jisoo also wrote lyrics for the title song “Lovesick Girls”, which she returned to in the past. This time, Jisoo personally said that she would make a SOLO debut, which made fans excited about what kind of breakthrough she would make.However, I believe that Jisoo, who always works so hard, will definitely give us a big surprise in song, dance or RAP.# Concert SOLO stage < Clarity > Infinite loop is not tired of watching!Although the date of Jisoo’s solo debut has not been confirmed yet, we can take a look at the solo stage in the past, and let us slowly expect what kind of surprise stage Aidou Kim Ji-soo will bring to us.Are you looking forward to Jisoo solo?Share with me in the comments below!