Shandong clear: cadres in these 11 aspects of the specific situation can be fault-tolerant

2022-06-06 0 By

Wang Wei, reporter of Economic Guide Recently, shandong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee jointly issued “On Encouraging Cadres to take responsibility as the implementation of the Measures for fault Tolerance and Correction”, revised the trial measures issued in August 2018.The revised method consists of 23 articles, which are divided into six chapters: general principles, fault tolerance situations, fault tolerance procedures, error correction mechanism, application of results and supplementary provisions. Targeted and operational measures are added to solve the problems encountered in working practice, such as poor understanding of the connotation of fault tolerance, inaccurate application and timely error correction.First, make clear the concept of error tolerance and correction.In accordance with the requirement of “distinguishing between the three”, “mistakes” are defined as mistakes made by officials in reform and innovation, work and entrepreneurship, and performance of their duties. They should be bold and thorough and should not be tolerated.The second is to refine the fault – tolerant situation.Refinement to carry out the “sanxin” high demand, promoting the Yellow River basin ecological protection and high quality development, improve people’s livelihood, promote the common prosperity, solving the historical problem resolving disputes eleven aspects, such as a specific case, clear attitude from motivation, degree of objective conditions, procedures, methods, properties, consequences, loss six aspects to make a comprehensive analysis to judge whether the fault tolerance.Third, it clearly stipulates no fault tolerance situation.There will be no tolerance for mistakes in the five areas of violating political discipline and rules, violating the eight-point Decision of the CPC Central Committee, and seeking improper benefits for oneself or others, ensuring that mistakes are tolerated and corrected within the red line of discipline and the bottom line of the law.Fourth, it is clear fault tolerance and correction procedures.”Who is responsible for accountability, who is responsible for fault tolerance”, adhere to the “tolerance of correction”, to avoid “tolerance of one”, at the same time stipulated that the way of appeal relief against the decision.Fifth, improve the use of results.Those who allow mistakes to be tolerated and exempt from accountability will not be affected in comprehensively and strictly governing the Party in terms of inspection and evaluation, annual evaluation, comprehensive evaluation, selection and appointment of cadres, promotion and promotion of posts, evaluation of professional titles, competition for posts, party deputies, deputies to people’s congresses, and members of CPPCC committees.Sixth, clear responsibility for fault tolerance.Make clear the responsibility of the party Committee (Leading Party Group) for fault tolerance and error correction, stipulate the functions and roles of disciplinary inspection organs, organizational departments and other departments, and further form joint work forces.It is understood that in 2021, discipline inspection and supervision organs in the province tolerated and corrected 529 cases involving 657 people, and 97 typical cases were reported to the public, among which the provincial commission for Discipline inspection and supervision organs reported 3 cases, advocating a clear guidance of “superiors taking responsibility for subordinates, organizations taking responsibility for individuals, and cadres taking responsibility for undertakings”.