The parents of three graduate students in a rural village who were happy to set off firecrackers were accused of ignorance

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In today’s society, the purpose of reading is not only to be wise, but also to be admitted to a key university to create more possibilities for one’s future.It is not easy to be admitted to a good university. Students not only need to work hard, but also need to have certain academic and material conditions, and be able to stick to their studies and devote themselves to them.To the general condition of the family, for students to complete compulsory education is not a problem, but to go up again for, parents also need to assume certain economic pressure.Especially in the countryside, it is not easy for parents to provide an excellent college student, and if they can train a graduate student, parents will go to worship their ancestors.After all, rural education resources are limited, and they have to help parents share housework when they are young. The learning environment is much worse than that in cities.But there are exceptions, and students can work their way out of the cold.Rural households out of three graduate students, the parents were happy to set off firecrackers to celebrate, but being accused of ignorance enter oneself for an examination the graduate student’s number are increasing every year, part of the graduate student enrollment expansion of colleges and universities, also can’t keep up with registrations in growth fast, landed successfully graduate students and a lot of graduate degrees, after all, is the highest degree of our country, one can have a graduate student is not easy,If the education of three graduate students, also known as attracted the “golden Phoenix”.In the village of jiangxi province, an ordinary family farmers and rain-fed farming, but out of the three degree graduate students, parents happy and happy, bachelor’s degree is not popular now, the graduate student is the highest degree, the family can have three children is a graduate student, parents quite excited, put a hang off firecrackers, want you to know that their wedding.It’s normal to celebrate something good together, especially if it’s related to the next generation.You can understand, after all, many people will hold a graduation banquet after the college entrance examination.It is not easy for ordinary families to cultivate graduate students. One more year of schooling means one less year of money, and parents should bear the tuition fees, especially for rural families, to cultivate three graduate students, under great economic pressure, parents can understand the celebration.But this thing seems to have met some of the netizens “inverse scale”, uploaded to the Internet, this thought will receive full blessing, did not expect to have most of the netizens mocked up, but also accused the parents of setting off firecrackers is very ignorant, how is this going on?After setting off firecrackers to celebrate by ridicule: your ignorance is really afraid of now is the network society, we have what hot smell or happy event, will first share with the net friends, a out of three graduate students after the fire, did not expect in addition to the congratulatory voice, there are a lot of questioning and mocking voice.Some netizens say bluntly, is it rare to graduate now?Some netizens even think that graduate students are not valuable, and it is not uncommon to be admitted to graduate school, just like high school students in the 1980s.Is it so difficult to acknowledge excellence in others?Jin bang title is worth congratulatory thing originally when, what is more excellent of children, take charge of long be to want to show off, also have capital, not to mention just put hang firecrackery, and those “sour in sour spirit” person, do not know what record of formal schooling you are, what record of formal schooling is your children?I believe that intellectuals do not ridicule others easily.Some netizens joke that parents do not know how to care for the environment, setting off firecrackers will pollute the environment, but in my opinion, parents only set off firecrackers because of a big wedding, and the number is not large, plus some places that prohibit setting off fireworks, mostly in cities, villages every day burning straw smoke, much more than setting off firecrackers.For a long time, the distribution of education resources in China is very uneven, and rural education resources are relatively scarce. If a family can educate three graduate students, it also reflects the success of family education and parents’ efforts to students. In the face of such a happy event, I still hope that everyone can give blessings.With the development of education, students are getting higher and higher education level, even if such a poor family can get out of your son is also worth blessing, but the comments of the netizens make people sad and helpless, it is difficult to say that the useless postgraduate people are not ignorant?Before there were “first degree”, “degree discrimination” and so on, but it is very rare to look down on the graduate degree, some of the sour words of the netizens, really make people helpless, no matter what the degree of students, should not mock others, can be appropriately encouraged, give motivation.Believe that the students clearly, improve their education and learning is the key, while in large cities, graduate degrees may not be surprising, but in terms of employment market, and the advantage of postgraduate qualifications is still a student, to provide more and better jobs, graduate student or one’s deceased father grind partiers don’t modest, highly educated not represent high ability, but now there is no record of formal schooling.Not all families can produce three graduate students. Students should not be involved in the whirlpool of “introversion”, but should face up to their own abilities and make future plans suitable for their development according to the actual situation.Do you think a family of three graduate students deserves to set off firecrackers to celebrate?Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.Pictures from the network, if any infringement please contact delete.For more exciting content, follow Le Le’s Education