This is what we call putian Yuanxiao. It’s the longest, hottest and hottest dish

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From the third day of the first month to the second day of February the village yuanxiao, every family together climb ladder, jump nuo fire palm car, iron flowers ten miles of different wind, a village a custom Yuanxiao spring, hot wild (photography/Guo Jinyu) (voice/Putian city radio and TELEVISION wan Di) Yuanxiao spring,From the 3rd day of the 1st lunar month to the 7th day of the 1st lunar month, jiangdong Village, Lisheng District, Putian is one of the earliest places to celebrate yuanxiao. Pukou Palace has 15 orange towers, weighing up to 10,000 jin, representing the 15 communities in the village.From the sixth day of the first lunar month to the tenth day of the first lunar month, Fangshan Village, Hanjiang District, Putian, carries ten pans of rice cane, which is sweet and harmonious.On the sixth day of the first lunar month, thousands of people in Linshan Village, Xianyou County, Putian saw lanterns.04 City god Parade make Lantern Festival on the 9th day of the 1st lunar month, city god god temple, Pinghai Town, Xiuyu District, Putian, visited the ancient Acropolis.On the 10th day of the 1st lunar month, xiaxu Community in Hanjiang District of Putian saw the super bright red ball and appreciated the spring scenery and zhai Dishes.On the 11th day of the 1st lunar month in Xinpo Village, Hanjiang District, Putian, Thousands of People carry ten thousand Plates of perfect new vision ten loads of plates (Photo/Guo Jinyu) Sugarcane carrying loads (Photo/Zhu Shaoqin) Carrying loads gather together (Photo/Zhu Shaoqin)In Jindun Village, Licheng District, Putian, on the 12th day of the first month, sand flowers greet god, and the sky is gorgeous to pray for peace in the coming year.Rich developed furnace ironmaking (photo/Cai Hao) sand flowers to meet god (photo/chao-yang liu) 080000 bench dragon ring lights on the 13 Wells of putian xianyou ten thousand bench dragon village circle lamp to expand add life and add the panlong (photo/tension) circle of light (photo/tension) 09 ten thousand mazu golden body cruise AnBuFu 14 goddess of putian meizhou island in one thousand, the 10th day to mazu tour yuanxiao festival,Qi ping an f dressing (photo/makin 熖) patrol (photo/Cai Hao) 10 peoples swim lamp make yuanxiao the fifteenth day of the putian xianyou fengting town system of vegetable, light and heat to see color acrobatics, with peoples swam lamp to celebrate the Lantern Festival lights (photo/nu) vegetable lamp (photo/Guo Zeyu) 11 put brown car meet auspicious fortune the fifteenth day of the putian residences area south gate place brown car community,Dance fire road feel the most crazy Putian Lantern Festival folk custom palm chair (photo/Hong Min) Jump fire (photo/Guo Jinyu) 12 mile circle lantern Circle reunion on the 15th day of the first lunar month, Putian Chengxiang District Donghai Town ten mile circle Lantern Festival circle reunion,Circle the ping an li, circle of light (photo/Vincent wai lam) a circle and a circle (photo/Cai Hao) 13 shiplap sugarcane tower the matsu 16 in putian HanJiang district ning community build sugarcane tower, the mazu days are sweet, life now rising by sugarcane tower (photo/Cai Hao) blessing has 14 yuanxiao (photo/chin-wen Chen) shock wave bursts wonders the 15th to 16th putian li city east village yuanxiao shock wave,15 Barefoot Treading on fire to pray for The gods in Songdong Village, Hanjiang District, Putian, On the 18th day of the 1st lunar month.Praying for villagers barefoot on fire (photo/brendee) carry the car on fire (photo/Huang Zhisan) 16… at sea south fujian putian common on the 18th south German island… sea, floating leaf village BoLang excited dance qi fish are full, please… good at sea (photo/makin 熖) exult island (photo/Cai Hao) 17 behold! High knife ladder climbing and copper on the nineteen ancient city of putian north shore achieving jubilee climb behold! High knife ladder,Spread copper coins experience yuanxiao on the tip of the knife to pick up a year “up and down the peace” climb ladder (photo/CAI Guowei) spread copper coins (photo/Chen Ying) 18 Five emperors out of the tour of nuo throughout the 20th of the first month Putian Chengxiang District of East Fen Five Emperors Temple Zaoli road,One of the oldest Lantern Festival parade in Putian, The Five Emperor parade in Putian is decorated with Honshu Li (Photo/Guo Jinyu). (Photo/Lin Meiqin)Ask Huo Bao to go home and pray for the New Year Red Barefoot Run Carbon (Photo/Liu Chaoyang) Pray for Good luck and Exorcizing Evil (Photo/She Qihui) 20 Iron ball Hit back to welcome Yuanxiao On the 24th day of the 1st Lunar Month Zhenqian Village, Hanjiang District, Putian Feel the most wild and mysterious Yuanxiao custom in PutianOn the 24th day of the 1st Lunar Month, braves in Baitang Town, Hanjiang District, Putian, celebrate the 1st Lunar Month by riding a horse in Yangwei Village, Hanjiang District, Putian, celebrate the 1st Lunar month by riding a horse in Yangwei Village, Hanjiang District, Putian.23 Dragon-lit night prayer for Peace (Photo/Chen Ying) 23 Dragon-lit night prayer for Greeting Auspicious On the 29th day of the first lunar month at Wenfeng Palace, Licheng District, Putian CityOn the first day of February, Sihua Village, Longqiao, Chengxiang District, robbed beans with the joyful sound of gongs and drums!Rob auspicious!Rob blessing!On February 2, in Xijiangtou Village, Licheng District, Putian, the last place to celebrate the Lantern Festival, the custom of making iron balls by sedan chair is inherited.More than 400 years knife ladder stabbing ball (Photo/Guo Jinyu) five balls blossom (photo/MAO Xinhua) One side water and soil nurture one side people a city gestates a culture to Celebrate the Lantern Festival in Putian read the folk Encyclopedia, appreciate the ancient village style