This year’s six latest horror movies are well made and worth a look

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The series is formulaic. The only difference is the killer and the motive.The Matrix 4 sequels, the killing off of old characters in the new sequel, and the endless repetition of the original are part of a Hollywood sequel trove.The best reboot of any horror movie franchise.2, “Yin and Yang Town strange Talk” at the beginning of the atmosphere can also be set off, because of filming restrictions, as always, the hard to explain are ascribed to illusion.You can see the explanations and inappropriate jokes that have been forced in for censorship.The story structure is still complete, several folk stories spliced together, the atmosphere is good, if not so many funny scenes would be more frightening.3, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” plasma degree OK, the atmosphere is also very old B movie feeling, is a good sequel, plasma free money series, human skin face is YYDS, before the survivors revenge is seconds, can be regarded as a short look, just to kill and kill, bloody and bloody, not too much content.Can only say audiovisual language qualified, plot and routine are already very outdated technique.4. There are many black scenes in Hunting War, which tests the performance of the playing equipment.Picture sense filming production level is good, relatively or more realistic film, is a weak script.The horror atmosphere is well built, THE GI vs the witch in WWII, the special effects are well done, and the movie is tense from beginning to end.World War II theme to shoot like this, also can be considered thoughtful.5. It’s a bit of a surprise that the whole deadly Sense story ends up being rounded up.The whole is a good horror suspense film, no obvious logic holes and slots.But I don’t think it looks so good. Why did I think for a long time?Warm horror and suspense and action bloody, straight call satisfying, exquisite scene design, is a bit anticlimactic, may also want to dig a hole.6, “Nine uncle returns 2” saw nine uncle returns 1 and 2, the second part is better, the cat fight stiff comparison experience harm, see some of the addiction.It’s better than 1 in every way, it’s better made.This A.J. is the one. A.j. up there is totally useless.Old plot, water collocation, retro plot, exaggerated interpretation, may be the characteristics of this film.Although it looks nothing new, it can be used as a meal replacement for the zombie chief.This year’s six latest horror movies are well made and worth checking out.