Tianquan, Sichuan: Sichuan snub-nosed monkeys are spotted at The Giant Panda National Park

2022-06-06 0 By

On February 12, staff of The Tianquan Management and Conservation Station of the Giant Panda National Park used thermal imaging technology to monitor online the movements of more than 30 sichuan golden monkeys, a class A protected animal, in the Piaohe river area.After the monkey was discovered, the staff conducted a long-term movement tracking of the population through background operation, timely and accurately collected the point coordinates, population structure, habitat environment, feeding preferences, activity rules and other information, and realized the “zero-interference, whole-process” study in the native environment.The application of “thermal imaging” technology not only solves the problems of low efficiency, small coverage and low accuracy of traditional investigation methods, but also provides real-time warning of fire danger and illegal intrusion.Reported that as early as May 2021, the giant panda park TianQuan management station has started “wisdom park” project, the key area in the horn river, visitors to increase biodiversity monitoring, forest fire prevention, supervision, to crack down on illegal poaching and other work, improve the giant panda park ecological protection and construction management level.Source: Tianquan Station of Giant Panda National Park;Reporter: Tang Junjie editor: Feng Yuna editor: but jian Zhou audit: Wu Yang, Yang Yang