Annual sales of 1.2 million difficult, BYD sales fell in January

2022-06-07 0 By

Byd recently released its January sales figures, which have been released earlier and earlier since byd’s new-energy model sales picked up.Byd sold 95,180 vehicles in January, of which 92,926 were new-energy vehicles. It is estimated that those thousands of fuel-oil vehicles are the last ones to clear inventory.Among the more than 90,000 new energy models, the sales of hybrid and pure electric models are almost the same, which is a bit confusing, why there is such a balance.In fact, the sales volume of BYD is no longer the overall data, everyone is more concerned about the sales volume of BYD Han and Song Family. In January, the sales volume of BYD Han broke 10,000 again, and the sales volume of BYD Han exceeded 10,000 for five consecutive months with the listing of the future Chinese DDM I, I don’t know whether it can break the 20,000 mark.When han can continue to crush Model 3 when BYD Han can be a real king!Byd Song Family’s performance can only be considered stable, perhaps really affected by capacity, BYD Song family’s sales is hovering at more than 20,000 units, there has been no breakthrough, according to this situation, BYD Song family to surpass Haf H6 is relatively difficult.In January, byd new energy compared with other car companies for sales is good, but compared to byd is compared in December last year, there are still certain decline, some netizens don’t what to have to buy a car in December as the reason, in fact many people are more willing to pick up the car in January, so why is byd sales to fall in January?If it is difficult to sell more than one hundred thousand cars in a month, how can BYD achieve its target of 1.2 million?