Hefei latest notice!Related to the qingming Festival during the epidemic prevention and control!

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Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control during Qingming Festival in Hefei (2022)In order to maximize the protection of people’s life and health, the following announcement is hereby made on epidemic prevention and control during qingming Festival in Hefei:1. All counties (cities, districts), development zones and towns (streets) of the city should organize Party members and cadres, mobilize volunteers and village residents (communities) workers to publicize the epidemic prevention and control policies from door to door, and provide epidemic prevention and control services for those who come (return) to the city.Ii. Cadres and staff of Party and government organs, enterprises and public institutions at all levels in the city should set an example and take the lead in implementing the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. They should not organize or participate in gathering activities such as family sacrifices.Officials and staff of the central and provincial government units stationed in fertilizer areas should not leave the fertilizer and return to their hometowns for sacrificial visits during the epidemic prevention and control period.3. Those who come to (return) fertilizer from other places should hold negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, and report to the 24-hour service hotline of Hefei Municipal government affairs from 0551 to 12345 in advance, or their relatives and friends should report to the village (community) of the destination.After taking the fertilizer, they will voluntarily accept free nucleic acid test. Before the test result is found, they will strictly implement personal protection. They will not take buses, subways or go to crowded places.4. The city’s cemeteries and cemeteries shall strictly implement the management of reservation, time-sharing, staggered peak and flow restriction.In order to prevent people from gathering together, no more than five people are allowed to visit each tomb.V. Civil affairs departments at all levels of the city should do a good job in epidemic prevention and control of funeral homes, and encrypt nucleic acid test frequency of funeral home staff.Relatives of the deceased should be guided to control the size of the funeral, with no more than 20 people in principle, and implement the prevention and control requirements such as checking the travel code and health code, and wearing masks.Contact number of civil Affairs departments in counties (cities, districts) and development zones Hefei Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters March 28, 2022 Annex 1: Annex 2: • end • Source: Hefei Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters
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