Is it healthy for Chinese people who like to eat hot peppers?How much longer are we going to eat?

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Eating spicy food is a dietary habit, but now with the popularity of Sichuan food, more and more people are beginning to love chillies, even in places like Guangdong, which never seemed to have a preference for chillies, and chilies are included in the condiment option.Thanks, it seems, to the popularity of spicy hot pot, spiciness has become the dominant flavor in Guangdong.Is chili, a growing flavor in China, good or bad?The Chinese have gone a little too far with chillies.This preference for spicy food was first popular in southwest China. Chili was introduced from the sea all the way to southwest China, but no lovers were found in Guangdong, and so were Fujian and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. However, further inland, from Jiangxi to Hunan, sichuan Basin and Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, chili finally found its home.When it comes to spicy food, we find that the older people are, the more averse they are to spicy food.These adults always have a negative attitude towards us to eat pepper, these people seem to stubbornly believe that pepper this spicy food, eating too much is harmful to the body.Because in almost every medical condition, the doctor will always say, do not eat spicy food.But the custom of eating spicy food has inevitably expanded.This may be due to the population migration after the reform and opening up, which led to the emergence of many people who love to eat chili in the community. When the condiment of chili appeared in street food, eating chili has inevitably become a habit of everyone.Eating spicy food may be harmless, but the habit is changing traditional food culture. In the Chinese system, chilies are only used as a condiment in Sichuan cuisine, and now more and more Chinese food is inevitably getting spicy.In the future, will we live in an era ruled by chili peppers?What do you think?