Prime body upgrade, popular, palm move XX empty me double form debut

2022-06-07 0 By

Palm series has been known as metacarpal carving, its excellent cost performance is indeed a very good toy in the food play level.After the upgrade from VS to X, the palm motion series ushered in the second prime upgrade, the palm motion XX.This time, let’s take a brief look at the improved empty self dual form in the first round.The first is the empty self in omnipotent form.This one looks very comfortable and authentic at first glance.Palm X does not derive empty self, so it can be directly compared with VS.It can be seen that both the treatment of crotch joint and the optimization of coating make the product more reductive.Then it is sublimation all-round empty me, in the case of excellent body, just add some phnom penh and did not lead to proportion imbalance, looking very good.Similarly, compared with the amazing omnipotence in VS, we can still see a great improvement.At present, the new palm motion series will not directly reset the roles of X, most likely for the upgrade of VS, after all, XX has no breakthrough advantage over X at present.This time to share here, thank you for watching, stolen text self-respect.