Some info on the fall 2022 theatrical release of Slam Dunk

2022-06-07 0 By

You must be as concerned as I am about the information about the theatrical version of Slam Dunk. When will it be released?What is the current stage of production?What are the most important things?Today I want to talk to you about this topic.First, a clue as to what the theater version of Slam Dunk will be about…There are very few clues.It would be hard to say nothing, but it’s pretty sparse. All I can find is that the animation started production last October, and an official concept trailer was released.The trailer’s biggest tip is that a theatrical release is coming in fall 2022, followed by a bunch of authors’ names (a lot of them).Now the animation production is mature, the scheduled release date should not be extended.Very little is being released, perhaps out of a need for secrecy.250 Japanese app…Take a look at the social media of author Yuhiko Inoue, who launched an app called “Talkin ‘to the Rim” as the leader of the theatrical version. The app costs 250 yen, and is all about watching (not controlling) sakura ikebana shots from start to finish…In the manga, Sakuragi is assigned 20,000 shots by Coach ANSI. Does the content of this app imply that the content of the theatrical version is the national competition?Xiangbei vs. Mountain King?I’d love to see these two teams play…I hope this theatrical version can be seen in domestic theaters after it comes out, and I will continue to follow the latest news of her for you.