The son angrily ran away from home, seventy years old anxious tears, police patience to find help a family reunion

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At 8 o ‘clock on January 30, 2022, xuchang was filled with a festive atmosphere, and red lanterns were hung at xuchang Station.At this time, but there is a more than 70 years old man, with grandchildren and grandchildren anxious to find the police for help: son because of a little family trivia drink wine, in a fit of anger ran away from home, threatened to take a train to other places, but also.The old man was so worried that he shed tears. His grandson, Ma, also looked worried.Understand the ins and outs of things, is patrolling xu Chang police Zhang Shaojie immediately began to help find.Zhang Shaojie confirmed through inquiry, Ma’s son did buy the ticket for the Z89 train to Luohe, and has entered the station.And at this time, the distance from Z89 train ticket checking time has been very close, Zhang Shaojie decided to divide two roads, while looking for in the waiting room, while waiting at the ticket barrier, but found a second floor and VIP waiting room, always did not find Mr. Ma’s figure, to Z89 train drive, also did not see Mr. Ma ride.Did Mr. Ma regret returning the ticket after waking up from a hangover?Zhang Shaojie thought, while pacifying grandpa and grandson both more anxious mood, while to the ticket office to check the refund situation.As soon as he arrived at the ticket office, he saw his father waiting in line at the change window.To see his son and father to find themselves, Mr. Ma still insisted on not going home.”This big New Year, people have a family reunion!Why should WE run away from home when we cannot settle our own domestic affairs?””You see the recent epidemic, many people can not go home, can not be reunited, your family finally reunited, can not cherish ah!”With Zhang’s patient persuasion, Mr. Ma gradually calmed down and finally agreed to go home.Mr. Ma’s heart also finally put down, ye Sun two people repeatedly thanked the police for their enthusiastic help, said thanks to Zhang Shaojie, their family had a reunion.