Tian Tang “la” taste strong warm Spring Festival

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Into the village, the front of the house after the house clean and tidy, spacious road through the border.Noisy towns, quiet villages, rows and strings of drying cured goods, become a unique scenery.”I prepared more than 200 kilograms of preserved fish and more than 100 kilograms of sausages, including original and spicy ones. Every year, I prepare some preserved meat for my friends and family.”The villagers said.Nian is a busy pace, a reunion expectation, and a ceremony filled with Chinese traditions.There is a folk custom of “winter preserved with wind to preserve winter”. Pork is used to make sausages and preserved pork, which are also essential for the Spring Festival.In wan Zijuan’s house, in front of the house, pieces of preserved bacon hung with brackets, the aroma is overflowing, fragrance of preserved meat, it seems to let people “smell” the smell of the New Year.”Before the Spring Festival to buy ten pounds of meat, 100 yuan for the New Year, now buy hundreds of pounds of meat, hundreds of pounds of preserved fish during the Spring Festival, life is very rich, very wonderful, we live a happy life, this is the national policy good, we enjoy the party’s blessing.Small wuxiang Tian Tang village villagers Wan Zijuan said.As the saying goes, “the old man looked at field, children at New Year’s day”, in this era of material prosperity, today’s New Year’s eve has not only for early ZaiYang field, eat a delicious delicacy, more of a separated family reunion, is that the children can accompany their parents a nice family reunion dinner, is the flow of the family feelings bailment of warmth.”Before the Spring Festival, we did a lot of shopping, including preserved fish, preserved meat, chicken, beef and mutton. Now when the children come home to have dinner, our Spring Festival is very enjoyable.”Small wuxiang Tiantang village villagers Huang Changsheng said.”The villagers who go out to work and study in the village have all come back and like to spend the Spring Festival at home, buy New Year’s goods and feel the atmosphere of the hometown. The national policy is good, the development of our village is getting better and better, more and more beautiful, and the villagers’ life is getting more and more prosperous.”Small wu township Tiantang village committee deputy director left Qiumei said.Preserved fish and preserved meat represents a feeling. For those who are traveling abroad for the Spring Festival, preserved fish and preserved meat on the dinner table during the Spring Festival will enhance the nostalgia and taste of the New Year.Reporter: Li Jia Bei Li Mengting