Chengdu vitality forest music festival where to buy a ticket?

2022-06-08 0 By

Chengdu Yuanqi Forest Music Festival, as its name, is a music festival full of yuanqi, many favorite singers and bands will come to the scene, so that many music fans are looking forward to it.This May Day holiday, let the Yellow River ticket to bring you to Chengdu Vitality forest music festival, happy to play!Chengdu Yuanqi Forest Music Festival Time: 2022-05-02 to 05-03 Chengdu Yuanqi Forest Music Festival Venue: Chengdu International Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo Park source:Yellow River ticketing APP it is understood that in the coming from forest festival in chengdu, as you are curious squad has publicly, herry, imp Wang Linkai, Jiang Yunsheng, Ma Siwei etc., will come to live performances, especially herry’s arrival, let everybody is looking forward to, on the show, what stage.Herry is a singer and actor, he is small like music, alone came to South Korea, became the SM trainee, after a period of practice, he made his debut as members of the SUPER JUNIOR – M formally, in the first stage, a “U” in the show, a violin playing, attracted many people’s attention,Let him harvest a lot of fans.Since then, he not only performed with his team, but also performed SOLO. Up to now, he has released many personal albums and singles, songs in different languages, which are loved and praised by many people. Moreover, he always brings different surprises to everyone when he performs on the stage.Now, Liu Xianhua will participate in the Chengdu Vitality Forest music Festival, so that many music fans are very looking forward to this performance, he will bring what kind of stage, let us wait and see!