Find a buyer for the drugs and go to jail for not selling them

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Recently, the Fenghua District Procuratorate of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province prosecuted a drug trafficking case, the court sentenced the defendant Liu mou to nine years in prison for drug trafficking and fined 50,000 yuan.One day in 2016, Liu rented a room in an apartment in Ningbo’s Yinzhou district.While tidied up, he found what looked like loose rock candy in a transparent package, with smoking jugs scattered around it.He weighed the package and looked at the smoking pot on the floor, vaguely guessing that it might be drugs.He was scared, so he put the bag in a stainless steel pot, which he hid in the ceiling of his room.In May 2020, Liu mou economic difficulties, thinking about what method can make some quick money.Then he realized that there was a bag of drugs hidden in his rented house and wanted to sell it for money.He contacted the zhang mou that once knew (have drug addiction history, already dealt with another case), pretence oneself friend in the hand has some drugs to want to sell, hope Zhang Mou helps to find a way.Zhang to help Liu found some channels, but put forward to first inspection, then to Liu took a small drug.A few days later, Zhang said there was a buyer interested, entrusted him to look at the goods.Liu mou in order to get the letter in Zhang, also in order to be able to quickly put the drugs, the hidden drugs all show Zhang mou, Zhang mou immediately to Liu paid 3000 yuan deposit.Later, Liu mou heard that the buyer may have an accident (actually has been captured by the public security organs), has not been contacted, the matter of selling drugs can only be left alone.In December 2020, Zhang was arrested by the public security organs because of the crime of opening a casino. In order to provide clues for meritorious service, he reported to the public security organs that Liu had hidden drugs and had sold them.Public security organs in January 2021 to Liu mou suspected of trafficking in drugs on file for investigation.On the day of the case, Liu was arrested by the public security organs in his rental room, hidden in the refrigerator and ceiling ceiling of more than 170 grams of drugs were found at the same time.After identification, the drugs all contain methamphetamine components, commonly known as crystal meth.In February 2021, Fenghua District Procuratorate approved the arrest of Liu according to law;At the end of March the same year, the court accepted a review of the prosecution case.Review, Liu confessed to his criminal behavior, and voluntary admission of guilt.According to liu’s confession and relevant evidence, prosecutors identified Liu’s behavior has been suspected of trafficking drugs (attempted).In July 2021, Fenghua District Procuratorate filed a lawsuit against the court in accordance with the law.Recently, the court made the above judgment in accordance with the law.Source: Procuratorial Daily