Focus on sunny days!Here comes the latest weather forecast

2022-06-08 0 By

Today (February 5th) is the fifth day of the Chinese New Year and tomorrow is the last day of the holiday!Today to night: the city’s clear to cloudy southwest wind to northeast wind 2, 3 relative humidity 36~69% urban clear to cloudy -17 to -4℃ Tumed Left banner clear to cloudy -18 to -4℃ Toketo County clear to cloudy -23 to -4℃ and Linginger County clear to cloudy -18 to -5℃ Qingshuihe county clear to cloudy- 19 ~ 5 ℃ WuChuan County Clear to overcast – 22 ~ 8 ℃ but overall is smooth the city’s weather is given priority to with good weather this week temperatures slow rebound but big temperature gap between day and night we go out to add appropriate clothes left left left Hohhot, pay attention to traffic safety in the next few days the weather in the end, once again remind you must drive carefully whether walking, cycling or slow safety first!Source: Hohhot Daily New Media Center Comprehensive Hohhot City meteorological station layout coordination: Guo Xiufen proofread: Duan Lei First read: Wang Wenyan first review: Zhang Yi final review: Alateng statement: unauthorized, prohibit reprinting, use of this public account original article.Reprint please indicate from Hohhot Daily official wechat;This platform reprinted content source network part, involving infringement please contact delete.News hotline: 0471-6564007 Advertising hotline: 0471-6564037, 6564007