Go all out to get the first quarter “off to a good start”!Steady progress has been made in over 200 major projects of the sub-centers

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In the construction site of the east sixth ring road, the “Yunhe” shield machine crossed the river at a depth of more than 40 meters, successfully controlling the settlement within 3 mm;In the northwest of the city’s Greenheart Forest Park, more than 1,000 workers are striving to complete the “three major buildings” by the end of this year.The city’s deputy center of major projects investment volume, the steady growth of the city’s support for a significant role.The sub-center of the City has divided more than 200 major investment projects into 32 responsible units and 35 cooperative units in the whole district, striving to achieve a “good start” in the first quarter.Smart technology for major projects “speed” in the face of steel components welding difficulty is big, high quality requirements, the insufficient space narrow, time limit for a project, urban administration office of vice center C08 plot introduced the portable trackless automatic welding robot, not only 30 days in advance to complete all 15000 tons of steel component installation work, lowering the cost of 30% of the welding.In the phase II project of Tongzhou Hospital of Beijing Friendship Hospital, the technicians introduced BIM visualization technology to make the key processes realize video technical confession before construction, so as to solve the problems such as slow map recognition and difficult communication of site personnel, and the decoration effect and important nodes are clear at a glance.Transportation, municipal administration, ecological and environmental protection, people’s livelihood protection…The sub-center of the city has sounded the call of resumption of work and production, and the resumption rate of key projects has reached 100%.Before resuming work and production of key projects, Tongzhou District Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development sorted out possible difficulties in personnel access and production material guarantee in advance, arranged special personnel to coordinate and solve the problems.At the same time, the review procedures for the resumption of construction will be optimized. Projects that meet the conditions and meet the on-site standards can be submitted on the spot, and the construction can be resumed on the same day.The sub-center of the city undertakes a series of important missions, such as relieving Beijing of non-capital functions and creating a new highland for Beijing’s development.According to The State Council’s “Opinions on Supporting high-quality Development of Beijing Sub-City Center”, the sub-city Center will further strengthen the leading role of scientific and technological innovation, promote industrial development and urban construction at a higher standard and level, and create a new highland for Beijing’s development.By 2035, the sub-center of a modern city will be basically completed.In January this year, we encouraged more major projects to start work early and put into production early. Tongzhou District held a conference to promote the high-quality development of the city’s sub-center industries, and issued the “Industrial space List”, “industrial policy List”, “application scenario List” and “enterprise service List”, thus creating new chapters and opening new bureaux for the whole year’s work.”This year, fixed asset investment in the district will exceed 100 billion yuan, and we will provide all-round, efficient and whole-process ‘housekeeping’ services for high-quality enterprises and major project development.”Tongzhou district major project coordination service center related person in charge said.Since this year, Tongzhou District has innovated the service mode of “double main responsibility”, “double housekeeper” and “double list”, and implemented the promotion scheduling mechanism to ensure that problems in the process of major projects can be found in time and solved efficiently.”Dual primary responsibility” means “department + territory” or “major project service center + professional department”, and the project progress is assessed at the same time.”Double housekeeper” means that the main responsible unit and the cooperating unit respectively determine a deputy department level or above cadre as the service housekeeper. Each service housekeeper is responsible for the same responsibility in the project promotion, and is responsible for the promotion and coordination of formalities, capital matching, construction guarantee and other matters.The “double list” refers to the establishment of a new project and the application of bond fund project double ledger, issuance and reform, fiscal joint scheduling, coordinated progress.The sub-center of the vibrant city is not only a pioneer area for reform and innovation, but also a highland for the rapid development of “advanced, sophisticated and sophisticated” industries.Data from tongzhou District Bureau of Statistics show that from January to February this year, fixed asset investment (excluding rural households) in the whole region showed a bright performance, up 10.5% year on year;The high-tech manufacturing industry achieved an output value of 2.23 billion yuan, up 23.5% year on year, the highest growth rate since the first quarter of 2021. Among them, the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry developed rapidly, achieving an output value of 1.47 billion yuan, up 31.2% year on year, strongly driving the high-tech manufacturing industry to achieve rapid growth.The export scale of enterprises kept expanding, and the export delivery value of industries above designated size reached 610 million yuan, up 13.8% year on year.In terms of industrial investment, investment in the secondary industry increased by 144.9 percent and investment in the tertiary industry by 6.7 percent.Everything is fresh and vibrant.Groups of bright numbers and major projects reflect the majestic power of the “millennium City” at the jointing stage.In zhongguancun tongzhou garden, for example, in the first quarter of this year has 46, landing project reserves 29, talking about the 19 projects, has landed 46 projects to attract investment of 1.267 billion yuan, the project covers design + city science and technology, cutting-edge technology innovation, green low carbon, yuan universe application category, the modern seed industry, network security, and other industry.This newspaper (original title: more than 200 major projects in the deputy Center steadily advance) source: Beijing Evening News reporter Chen Qiang process editor: U022 Statement: the copyright of this article is owned by the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com