I, Shanghai deputy section level civil servant, exposure of annual income, real pension treatment exposure

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In recent years, after work in big cities, in fact there will be many practitioners are willing to enter the system, everyone is very cautious in choosing a job, because these jobs can decide the future of everybody is good is bad, so some practitioners actually when choosing work as far as possible to take an examination of civil servants, especially in first-tier cities while spend a certain amount of cost,But if they are able to determine their future for the better, to support their families through talent or connections, they can also accept temporary pressures and burdens.So how much can you get a month as a civil servant in Shanghai?What is your annual income?After understanding to see an old employee to share their real income situation.Chen revealed that, in fact, Shanghai as first-line cities, can be said to be the domestic international metropolis, able to work in cities, also showed, everyone can become some person in the unit, can enjoy better treatment, but as a whole, the working conditions in Shanghai can be classified as general, is not as some civil servants treatment in jiangsu or zhejiang province.As a deputy section level civil servant, Chen now gets a monthly salary of 8,500 yuan, plus 1,000 yuan per month for performance and other subsidies, and a total of 1,200 yuan in bilateral provident fund, totaling 2,500 yuan.Every year in the middle of the year or at the end of the corresponding bonus, a total of 50,000 yuan, for him, a year can get about 200,000 yuan income, in fact, in the first-tier cities, people’s wages can barely support their families.However, if you work in first-tier cities, you will find that the housing price is really high, and the salary of many civil servants is hard to support. Even if you work in some Internet companies, you will find that the salary is hard to be proportional to the housing price. Due to the good hukou and high value of Shanghai, the college entrance examination pressure is much less than that of other provinces and cities.Therefore, there are still many practitioners willing to work in Shanghai’s system. After all, after years of hard work in first-tier cities, you will see that the educational resources and medical resources are among the best.Therefore, when choosing a job, people naturally prefer to stay in Shanghai, a metropolis like Shanghai, so that their families or themselves can have a more stable and better life.In retirement income, according to Mr. Chen to learn the have a colleague at work after 35 years after retirement, are now able to get a pension of nearly ten thousand yuan, so Mr. Chen is really envy him, hopes to greatly improve their own level, the discretion of the pension is actually become the age-old question, most of the young people want to be able to enter the system,It allows them to work longer hours, but not all young people with education and ability are able to advance in the system, so after working for a few years or decades, they will find themselves in a very large income gap with those higher ranking civil servants.Conclusion: What do you think about this?Write in the comments and talk together.Every day, we share workplace experience, workplace stories and industry cases, and record 360 real stories of people in different industries and occupations