Nvidia MX 550/570 and RTX 2050 graphics cards are supported by Linux drivers

2022-06-08 0 By

In December, Nvidia released the RTX 2050, MX 570, and MX 550 laptops. The RTX 2050 and MX 570 use the same GA 107 core as the RTX 3050.The MX 550 is the TU 117 core of the GTX 1650 series, and notebooks with all three gpus are expected to ship in the first quarter.Linux drivers for RTX 2050, MX 570, and MX 550 (470.103.01) are now available, according to 9to5Linux.IT Home has reported that the blogger Golden Pig upgrade pack has now revealed the performance of three laptop graphics cards.The 3DMark Time Spy card for the RTX 2050 and MX 570 has a score of 3369, and the 3DMark Time Spy card for the MX 550 has a score of 2510 under 35W TGP.For comparison, Intel’s 11-generation Core I7-1165G7 has a Time Spy score of around 1600 and the MX 450 has a 10Gbps score of around 2200.Nvidia says laptops with the RTX 2050, MX 570 and MX 550 will be available in the spring.Related reading: Lenovo Launches 2022 ThinkBook 14/16 Notebook: 12 Generation Core + RTX 2050Asus launches New Zenbook 14X OLED Notebook: Core 12 + MX 550