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Steam power Auto – First | xiao-juan huang From the foot of baiyun mountain, guangzhou hotel next to the tree, guangzhou YuanMai on high ground.On November 19, saic Volkswagen held the opening ceremony and brand exchange meeting of Guangzhou Yuanmark here, and the first new energy pilot exhibition hall of SAIC Volkswagen in Guangzhou was officially opened.The Vw brand has a reputation of being “always followed and never surpassed” when it comes to fuel cars.In the new energy market, how does SAIC Volkswagen find its own way of development and strive to become the No.1 in the new energy market?For this reason, Fu Qiang, senior director of marketing of Volkswagen brand ID., and Tang Xujing, senior director of marketing respectively shared the theme of “AII in the public” and “All For the public”.All in Volkswagen refers to the determination and attitude of THE Volkswagen brand of SAIC Volkswagen to invest in the whole electric new track.This is reflected in two aspects: First, SAIC Volkswagen spent 17 billion yuan to build a brand new MEB factory in Shanghai, commonly known as “lights out factory”.Second, SAIC Volkswagen issued three id. products in a row throughout this year, which is unique in the history of Volkswagen brand, and may be the first after that.Since the launch of the three ID. models and the north and South Volkswagen ID. models in March, the sales volume in April first broke through 1000, then 1500 in May, then 3000 in June, then 7000 in July, and finally 12000 in October just past.And SAIC Volkswagen ID.The family also broke the 7,000 mark.Despite a global chip shortage that has affected sales and production of the ID. family, sales are still growing rapidly.Compared with all the new forces, SAIC Volkswagen has a shorter time to break the 1,000 vehicles mark, and may also take the shortest time to achieve the 10,000 vehicles mark.There are many automobile brands in the world, but there is only one brand called Volkswagen. From the beginning of its establishment, Volkswagen makes cars for the general public.What defines a good car for the masses?ID. Family, as defined by Volkswagen brand, is safe and reliable and has very good driving and control quality for the general public. On this basis, it also has very good intelligence and interaction ability, which can help the masses to realize their yearning for a better life.The ID.4X, which was launched in March this year, is the world Car of the Year in 2021 and has achieved “All Good” in the four major indexes of The China Insurance Automobile Safety Index of China Insurance Research Institute, which has created a historical record since the establishment of China Insurance Research Institute.From the product definition, ID.4X can meet the diversified mobile travel needs of mature families, whether it is urban road conditions or suburban tourism.In June, the ID.6X was launched worldwide.Id.6x is a three-row and seven-seat solution for mature families in China.Id.6x will be exported to Europe next year, which is the first time in Volkswagen’s history that a car specially customized for the Chinese market returns to Europe, and also opens a certain market for THE Volkswagen brand of SAIC Volkswagen in Europe.Id.3, the European sales champion, was introduced into The Chinese market by SAIC Volkswagen alone.Fu Qiangzong said that SAIC is optimistic about this product, three people into the crowd, three cars into the crowd, is an ID.The family.The introduction of this product can better help Chinese consumers achieve a better life.At the same time, it is the top seller in Europe, and it has gained the keen attention and pursuit of consumers as soon as it entered the Chinese market.About 1,000 of the first models were sold out in just two weeks.Customers now have to wait four to six weeks to order the car because of a chip shortage.Saic Volkswagen is also trying to optimize its production capacity to better meet the needs of Chinese consumers.The MEB plant in Anting, built by SAIC Volkswagen at a cost of 17 billion yuan, is known as a “lights-off factory”.Assembly workshop alone has 1444 robots, “turn off the lights factory” as the name implies is to turn off the lights all, under the condition of no light, the car can be produced, describes its highly automated and intelligent, the detection of each node are are done by robots, and greatly reduced due to the instability of some quality aspects of man-made.Solid materials, so that it really has the public DNA, easy to open, easy to use, reliable, safe, real endurance, all these selling points can help the whole ID.The family took off step by step.Innovate in marketing methods and establish new forms of the whole channel.The change of SAIC Volkswagen marketing is to resolutely realize the 2C transformation, from the former 2B business to 2C business, facing every user.46 stores have been opened nationwide, and 120 stores will be opened in the future. By the end of next year, stores will enter first-tier, second-tier, third-tier and even fourth-tier cities to facilitate consumer experience and purchase.In addition, the establishment of direct sales operation of the service center, the whole ID. Series is the marketing model of the agency system, the essence of manufacturers and consumers one to one direct contact.Therefore, when consumers decide on the Internet super APP, the ID of SAIC Volkswagen.Partners immediately follow up directly with each sales consultant to ensure the best service.The super APP of SAIC Volkswagen is an exclusive team of 100 people established by SAIC Volkswagen for the whole ID. marketing, integrating marketing, sales, management and after-sales service. At present, all the people have registered in the super APP. They are both users and service personnel of the manufacturer, serving every consumer on the super APP.Seven years ago, SAIC Volkswagen celebrated its 30th anniversary. At that time, the Slogan was “Build every Volkswagen, for every Volkswagen”.Today, the original intention remains unchanged, but it is no longer enough to build cars alone. How to provide better direct connection and better service to customers is the direction of SAIC Volkswagen’s efforts now.The user-centered C-B-D model is vigorously promoted by SAIC Volkswagen internally. The network of 1000 dealers is a very good advantage of SAIC Volkswagen. It uses platforms and tools to empower dealers, supports them with data, and finally manages them with data to better serve users.Of course, at the bottom is the digital capacity construction of SAIC Volkswagen. MarTech marketing product group and comprehensive data-driven engine are all tools of great help to SAIC Volkswagen in marketing work.Make unremitting efforts towards the direction of “the largest automotive digital ecology”.From connecting fans of car owners, to advertising push and online search, and finally to the self-built platform private domain, SAIC Volkswagen carries out all-round operation on the semi-private domain such as the third-party platform and the overall ecology of wechat.At present, there are more than 14 million followers on social platforms, but this is just the beginning, and there is much more room for development in the future.Create with customers, strive to create popular products and services, and constantly improve customer satisfaction.In the end, it’s All for the masses.