Dong Jun, head of the Nucleic acid sampling team of the Affiliated Hospital: “My most important task is to ensure the safe return of the team members”

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Jiujiang News network (Jiujiang Daily full media reporter Jin Luwen/photo) “After a week of efforts, the team members successfully completed the support of Nucleic acid sampling task in Nanchang, 50 medical staff zero infection, as the captain of my heart finally put down.”Dong Jun, the head of the nucleic acid sampling team of jiujiang University Affiliated Hospital, took off his “burden” and slept soundly.March 18, 16pm received an emergency order, jiujiang University affiliated hospital to set up 50 medical team members to support nucleic acid sampling in Nanchang, received a notice from the superior, still busy in the work of Dong Jun did not have time to ask his family to agree, the first time to sign up.Mentioning the scene at that time, Dong Jun remembers: “I was a party member, or the party branch secretary, must be in the front line.””Each team member who went to Nanchang represents the image of the hospital, but also the image of Jiujiang.”After arriving in Nanchang, it was already more than 23 o ‘clock in the evening. Dong Jun, as the captain, had no time to rest and immediately carried out training for all staff. What he did was to standardize operation and efficiently complete the task, and required each team member to have the bottom-line thinking of zero infection.”I had a preliminary understanding of the situation of the team members in the station. There were 13 Party members and 7 veterans who assisted Hubei. The 50 members were divided into two groups, with 12 groups under the group leader.Dong jun recalled that the night was both emotional and complicated, and he knew the burden on his shoulders leading the support team.In the battle without smoke of gunpowder, he was strict with the standards of party members, leading “comrade-in-arms” against the wind.In groups of two or four, members of the team were dispersed to various neighborhoods and put on “white suits” to fight.From day to night, we repeatedly sampled and wiped our hands. Several movements were carried out repeatedly. Goggles blurred our eyes, there were wet clothes inside protective suits, and our hands were sore and tired.”I am a party member I go, I am not a party member I also go…”Once the team members just completed the sampling task to return to the community service center collection, Dong Jun suddenly received a call, due to the increase in the number of people urgently need to send reinforcement sampling point.”Is there any comrade willing to go?We are going to set up temporary commandos.”Dong Jun asked the players, the players regardless of rest to sign up.”At the critical moment, the team members took the big picture into consideration, spoke of dedication, and actively signed up. I had a sour nose.”Dong Jun said, in the selection of good players, the assault team line quickly to temporary sampling points, work methodically.The residents said “Thank you for your hard work”, all the hard work was worth it.Be both a fighter and an instructor.Sampling task during the day he and his teammates to participate the nucleic acid, night back to headquarters, Dong Jun began to receive calls, summed up the team work, organizational members in each group business study, do a good job summary, data statistics, accept new work instructions, overall arrangement of each point sampling personnel, get the distribution of epidemic prevention materials, concerned about the players’ daily life and so on,You have to worry about everything.He waited until his food was cold, and he rested after everyone else had gone to bed. He hardly ever got a good night’s sleep.A material arrived at 2 o ‘clock in the morning, considering that the players have been asleep, Dong Jun a person will be the whole team of materials moved to the designated location, he later recalled that it is really waist straight up.”Captain Dong has strong decision-making ability, understands the personality, strengths and work ability of his team members, and is clear-headed and efficient.””One player said.In the days of Nanchang support, continuous rotation is normal, but he is very optimistic, constantly cheer the players.”My only thought was to lead the team to complete the mission assigned by the organization and bring everyone home safe and sound.I want to thank the organization for their trust in me and the team members for their support.”Dong Jun said.Now, they have successfully completed the task, on March 24 back to Jiujiang concentration rest.Clinical work for more than 20 years, Dong Jun as the deputy director of endocrinology, work hard, adhere to the original medical mind, practice medicine oath with action, sincerely for the sake of patients, he is a good doctor in the mouth of patients.In his spare time, he went to the grassroots to carry out free medical treatment activities to provide scientific health guidance for villagers.”I have experience and can perform tasks better.”On the evening of April 2, Dong Jun signed up to fight the epidemic in Shanghai.”Although I didn’t make it this time, I will sign up for the front as soon as the organization needs me.”Dong jun said that in his mind, the epidemic is an order, white clothes is a war gown, wear a white coat to look like a soldier.As a medical worker, in the face of the crisis, we must know the heavy burden, dare to bear, selfless dedication, and contribute to the fight against the epidemic!