Enter oneself for an examination fire engineer charge how many money?2022 Fire engineer registration conditions detailed explanation!

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The 2022 professional professional qualification examination has been launched, ready to register for the 2022 first-class certified fire Engineer professional qualification examination partners, to seize the time to prepare for the exam seriously.There are also many partners who want to know, how much is the follow-up cost of the examination for fire engineer? Xiaobian has sorted out for you, and those who want to register can know about it!Refer to the level 1 fire engineer registration fee standard in past years, the cost of each subject is generally between 60-75 yuan.The payment method is online payment, after the payment step, the page will show the exact fee, generally not too high.According to different examination arrangements, there may be slight differences in examination fees in various provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government). Details are as follows: Refer to the calendar year, the subjective questions charging standard per person per subject ranging from 59-89 yuan;The charging standard for objective questions varies from 55 to 85 yuan per person per subject.The exact fee standard for the 2022 grade 1 registered fire Engineer examination will be subject to official notices from all over the country. There will be differences, but not too much difference.Qualification requirements for registering grade 1 Fire Engineer in 2022 (refer to 2021) : The qualification requirements mainly limit the applicants’ educational background and working years, etc. As long as we are legal citizens, have good conduct and professional ethics, and meet one of the following conditions, we are eligible to register for the vocational qualification examination of Grade 1 registered fire engineer.Level of fire protection engineer subjects (3) : the practice of fire safety technology the comprehensive ability of fire safety technology “fire safety case analysis” refer to the calendar year examination node, the 2022 level fire engineers enter oneself for an examination work is expected to be launched in August, adopt “online registration + on-site audit” to complete the registration work.Those who are preparing for the examination should pay close attention!You can also pay attention to xiaobian, about the level one fire engineers important dynamic, test node after the news, xiaobian will update you in time!Grade 1 Fire Engineer test site basic knowledge ↓
There is still a period of time from the examination, we also want to seriously prepare for the examination, develop a scientific preparation plan, every day to take a little time to review, xiaobian will regularly share test site learning materials to you.