Hubei Zhongxiang RURAL Commercial Bank Wangfu Branch plays “four steps” to seize deposits “off to a good start”

2022-06-09 0 By

Since the launch of “Spring Action” in 2022, Hubei Zhongxiang RURAL Commercial Bank Wangfu Branch has actively responded to the fierce market competition, worked hard, worked hard, and won the “good start” of the first quarter of spring Action.As of January 26, the branch’s deposits increased by 65.46 million yuan, 142% of the planned amount, ranking first in the whole municipality.Harmonization of thoughts.Wangfu branch existing staff of 6 people, average age 45 years of age or older, in the face of branch employees age structure is big, deposit the sprint enough staying power, and the sub-branch, tian-hua xu to heart talk with employees individually, analysis the problem of current deposits work, actively looking for solutions, inspiring morale, condensed the hearts, finally realizes the governor LanCun 11.5 million,The employees have achieved an impressive result of 22.5 million yuan.Enter the street to enter the “propaganda song”.Wangfu branch is close to the commercial center of the city, with large customer groups and sufficient resources.The sub-branch firmly grasped this advantage, during the day, with the “housekeeping + field” team mode, in-depth visits to the surrounding businesses, residential areas, vegetable markets, expand new customer groups, expand the scope of incremental customers;In the evening, we maintained excellent stock customers. According to the dual adoption mechanism of “personal stock customers ten public stock customers”, we conducted door-to-door maintenance, and the stable retention rate of stock customers reached more than 90%.As of January 26, the branch visited more than 300 merchants in the surrounding area and realized 5.85 million yuan of deposits.The “service song” of unsolicited visits.As an urban network, the same industry competition is much more intense than in the township, only better quality, more active, more intimate service, to win the trust of customers.In addition to the basic hall service, Wangfu Sub-branch also extends its quality service to other branches.As early as last August, President Xu learned from an old customer that Aunt Zhang, who lives in Chenji Village, will have a sum of his bank’s funds due at the end of the year.In the past six months, Xu Tianhua through more than ten times of telephone contact, three times to visit, with sincerity to gain the trust of Aunt Zhang, his bank 1 million yuan deposit in wangfu branch.The “song to the public”.As a secondary branch, the branch only 36 corporate accounts are basically in the state of “zero balance”.In order to find a breakthrough, the different branch list, docking, through the probability of each MoPai, learned that zhongxiang a real estate co., LTD., temporarily idle circulating funds 11 million, the sub-branch, pr tian-hua xu took the lead, with the business owner regular contact, regular visits, frequently visit, raising the idle funds in the palace in 11 million enterprises branch.Author: Zhang Yalun Unit: Hubei Zhongxiang Rural Commercial Bank Review: Chen Zhisheng