Inherit the red gene!Huimin Rural Commercial Bank organized viewing of the film “Crossing the Yalu River”

2022-06-09 0 By

In order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of party members and cadres to study history to increase their trust, to learn history to be rational, to learn history to worship morality, and to learn history to practice, huimin Rural Commercial Bank recently organized a viewing of the patriotic film “Across the Yalu River”, to review the history of fighting against the United States and aiding Korea, and to remember the martyrs.The film is narrated from the perspective of Peng Dehuai, the commander and political commissaire of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army. From the strategic thinking of the central leadership, the volunteers fought bloody battles and other dimensions, it reappears the battles between the eastern and western lines and the five campaigns, which are inspiring and moving, and fully restores that magnificent history.It shows the sacrifices and efforts made by Chinese soldiers to win the final victory of this arduous and breathtaking great war, and carries forward the iron will and indomitable character of the Chinese nation to defy power and hegemony and dare to struggle.After watching the film, everyone felt deeply, and said that they wanted to translate the profound feelings brought by the film into practical action, inherit and carry forward the great spirit of fighting against the United States and helping Korea, always inspire themselves, with more enthusiasm, more high morale to forge ahead, and contribute their own strength in the work.(Li Chu-ching)