It’s better to invite someone to sweat than to invite someone to dinner

2022-06-09 0 By

Please people eat less people sweat the year of the tiger year grade bask in a few pictures in dribs and drabs, record the life, of course, mainly for the fun of this grade while also did not go to work in about three to five ball friend into chongqing stadium brothers, let’s for a while, see on the pitch, a little messed up the Spring Festival although cold day, but OuGan chill,Oh, I can’t tell you how new this thing is come on, come on,I’ll give you a long pass, you jump and smash, you jump and smash, I’ll play with you straight line, good ball, fast diagonal, very tricky lob, really sudden, back court, just press the line, rub the ball and smash, one line, three points, all in a sweat