The grand opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics was touched by three moments

2022-06-09 0 By

The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium on February 4, the start of spring in the Lunar calendar.The opening ceremony is grand and magnificent, reflecting the simple, safe and wonderful Olympic concept.Beijing amazed the world again, and there were three touching moments. First, Chinese people passed the national flag with both hands.At the opening ceremony, Chinese people dressed in various ethnic costumes and children passed the national flag with both hands. They passed on their love for the motherland and inherited the spirit of the Chinese nation.Born in China, content in the prosperous times, as the children of the Chinese, how lucky.At this moment, the audience boiling, sleepless tonight, 1.4 billion Chinese children’s patriotic passion was ignited again.Second, Chinese red lights up the stadium.In singing the music of the motherland, the Chinese sports delegation entered, Gao Tingyu, Zhao Dan as the flag bearer.The stadium roared with joy, and the Chinese red lit up the stadium.The athletes will represent China with youth and blood, and show to the world the Chinese people’s spirit of unremitting self-improvement and indomitable struggle, and the Olympic spirit of swifter, Higher, Stronger and more united.Third, the youth of the world are forging ahead together.Given the complex international situation and the COVID-19 pandemic, China has overcome various difficulties to host the Winter Olympics successfully, demonstrating its sense of responsibility as a major responsible country.Opening ceremony, when the world youth forward side by side, behind exhibit different regions, different color of skin, different culture, people work and live a harmonious picture, we see China’s advocacy of building community of human destiny is the world’s recognition and response, Beijing Olympics deliver the sports spirit of unity, equality, peace, has become the strongest in the world today.Through the Olympic Winter Games, Beijing is uniting mankind and building a bridge of peace, so that people around the world can be equal, respect, understand and tolerate each other, break down barriers and eliminate prejudice, and join hands and move forward to the future together!