What’s the weather like in Hezhou during tomb-sweeping Day and March 3 holidays?

2022-06-09 0 By

It is expected to be affected by the upper trough and cold air from tomorrow (31st) to April 1. There will be moderate to heavy rain, local rainstorm and accompanied by strong convection weather. The temperature will drop by 6 ~ 8℃.The weather forecast this evening, cloudy day with light rain, the temperature of 17 ~ 22℃, south wind 1 ~ 2 force.From March 31 to April 1, moderate to heavy rain, local rainstorm or short-time thunderstorm gale and other strong convective weather, influenced by strong cold air southward, the temperature gradually decreased, the lowest temperature of 10 ~ 13℃, the highest temperature of 17 ~ 19℃.April 2, light rain turned cloudy day, temperature 9 ~ 15℃, northerly wind 3 ~ 4 level.April 3-4, fine, temperature 10 ~ 22℃, north wind level 2 ~ 3.April 5-6, cloudy to sunny, temperature 12 ~ 26℃, north wind 1 ~ 2 level.Cold air is coming and the temperature is dropping. Please buy clothes timely and avoid catching cold. Pay attention to the short-time near weather forecast and early warning information Guard against the harm of heavy rainfall and strong convection weather.The rise of temperature, please seize the favorable opportunity to carry out the spring recovery and higher level of forest fire danger weather martyrs, when you walk in the wild forest fire with fire safety compiled album | Cheng Zai scrutiny | Yin Ping weifang diesel source: congratulation state meteorological