Zhang Fangfang, construction site cement sister, 5 years ago by selling miserable popular, was exposed after her husband and her divorce

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In recent years, video live and network with goods have become a means for many people to become rich, but we all know that the premise of video live and network with goods is to have a certain amount of traffic, only the flow can be paid.Therefore, many network red anchor in order to flow, means that is endless, devoting his mind.Perhaps the most disgusting is the “cement Xi shi”, which was exposed by Xinhua News Agency in 2018.In August 2017, the “cement girl” who carried cement to save her husband became popular all over the Internet. Her inspirational image moved many people, and countless people offered their meager salaries to help the “cement girl”.But it didn’t take long to reverse course and slap all the netizens who sympathized and helped cement girl.On November 26, 2018, Xinhua News Agency published an article on an Internet celebrity: “You look so ugly when you lie!From the fake family and age, to the cement Beauty who creates tragic stories to win sympathy.Such a big turn, so many netizens sigh: “the original clown is me, I don’t deserve”.What the hell is going on here?After the scam was uncovered, how did the cement girl’s life go?In August 2017, a short video appeared on the Internet.As soon as the video appeared, it caused a great response, with millions of people expressing sympathy for the hero in the video.The hero of the video is a young emaciated girl, from the face of cement can vaguely see that this is a comely and beautiful girl.At an age when she was supposed to be beautiful, the girl was carrying bags of cement on her thin shoulders, even three or four bags at a time, non-stop.Hungry to eat, drink beer, even head face everywhere is cement ash, also does not affect her face with a bright smile.And her smile has infected countless people.The girl is Zhang Fangfang, affectionately known by netizens as “cement sister”.The video attracted a lot of attention, with netizens wondering how the girl could resist cement on the construction site.Many people want to know more about her, want to know the origin of this “cement girl”.So, many reporters came to the site to interview Zhang Fangfang.An article titled “Cement Girl Carrying Cement to Save Sick Husband” was born.People learned about the story of “cement girl” carrying cement on the construction site and were moved by it. Netizens even named Zhang Fangfang “Cement Xishi”.According to Zhang fangfang, she is 28 years old and from Anhui Province.She had a happy family, but unfortunately her husband suffered from cancer.In order to see a doctor for her husband, she not only spent all her savings in the family, but also owed a lot of foreign debts.In addition, with two children at home, the burden of life is all on Zhang.In order to cure her husband, Zhang Fangfang resolutely carried the burden of the family, but born in the countryside, and no education she could not find a good job, had to come to the construction site on the back of cement.As soon as the reporter interviewed Zhang Fangfang, people praised this woman and more and more people paid attention to this “cement beauty”.Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhang fangfang opened his own video account on the Internet, but also started live broadcasting.During the livestream, many netizens commented and cared about Zhang, who also told about her tragic experience, which undoubtedly aroused countless sympathy for her.Zhang told netizens that she could have left home and led a better life, but she didn’t want to give up her husband, so she decided to take on everything.In this realistic era, even if there is no disaster no disease between the couple divorce is common things, let alone like this one sick.Zhang’s courage to take responsibility has made many netizens admire him.As a result, Zhang has gained a large number of fans, and even many news media have praised Zhang.Some warm-hearted netizens wanted zhang’s account and wanted to donate money to her, but zhang refused. Zhang said she only wanted to make money through her own efforts.Soon, with this experience and personality, Zhang gained millions of fans.In the video of zhang fangfang’s account, you can see zhang working on the construction site every day, carrying cement back and forth.When he is tired, he just lies on the ground to rest. When he is hungry, he can eat instant noodles very well.This kind of Zhang Fangfang makes netizens have more favorable impression on her, many people like this strong and kind good girl.Since Zhang was reluctant to accept donations from netizens, kind-hearted netizens encouraged zhang to open a live-streaming reward function, which zhang reluctantly agreed to do.In the subsequent live broadcast, netizens came to the strong girl’s aid one after another. With the help of millions of fans, Zhang earned tens or even hundreds of thousands of yuan per live broadcast.This shows that netizens are really fond of this strong girl.However, Zhang did not return the sincere treatment and care of her netizens.On the contrary, just like “Mr. Dongguo and the Wolf”, “farmer and snake”, she also wants to bite back at netizens, making countless netizens who helped her feel cold.False is false, can never be true, paper will never be able to contain fire, the same with lies, there is no lie can not be exposed.The “cement Xi Shi” was exposed and gained a lot of profits. Zhang fangfang continued to work on the cement, and the daily video and live broadcast were still going on.At the same time Zhang Fangfang also began to learn from others, made live with goods.During the day, I carried cement on the construction site, and at night, I took goods with video. This image is really very inspiring.As a result, TV stations and other programs also invited Zhang fangfang, she won many awards, Zhang fangfang began to appear in public more and more frequently.As time went by, Zhang fangfang probably felt that she was getting hot, and her words were not as cautious as before.On one show, Zhang said that a bag of cement weighs 50 kg, while she carries 96 tons of cement every day.That’s a lot more than the 30 to 50 tons she said at first, and it’s hard not to catch the attention of Internet users.Internet users have taken possession of Holmes, looking for clues in Zhang’s words.Soon, there were many questions about Zhang on the Internet, including some of zhang’s fans.Most of the questions were about zhang’s daily load of 96 tons of cement.A day to carry 96 tons of cement, according to Zhang fangfang said a ton of cement 50 kilograms, 96 tons of cement nearly 2,000 bags.A person does not eat or drink a day can not finish.What’s more, Zhang fang has to do a live broadcast in the evening.This more caused countless people to question her, at this time Zhang Fangfang actually stood up to refute these words.She even issued a warning to her fans who had helped her: “You are making rumors, I can Sue you!”Her move made countless netizens feel cold, also let countless people think zhang fangfang this is guilty, angry.Later, Zhang’s previous behavior also made netizens question her. For nearly a year, her fans donated generously.But Zhang is still selling her anxiety on her account, a phenomenon that makes netizens wonder if zhang is circling the money.After that, netizens raised more questions. Careful netizens found in Zhang fangfang’s live broadcast that her hands were very white and delicate, without any calluses or traces of work.There are even users pointed out that Zhang fangfang half point did not bask in the sun under the appearance, the root does not look like working on the site……At this time, when people rushed to help Zhang fangfang, the netizens who didn’t believe her also came out and said, “It is very difficult to carry 400 jin of cement at one time. Most men can’t do this. If you say you can do it, I’m afraid you don’t believe yourself!”The story about Zhang continues to ferment on the Internet, and people keep asking questions.And some of Zhang fang’s fans are still speaking up for her and defending her.It didn’t take long for a photo to send the Internet into a frenzy.The photo shows Zhang dressed up fashionably and driving a luxury car.This luxury car has also been spotted by netizens. It is made in Italy and the lowest price is one or two million.This, netizens are not calm, have to question Zhang Fangfang.In the face of the truth, Zhang fangfang’s explanation seems so pale.At the same time, photos of a large number of professional camera equipment in the place where Zhang fangfang carried cement also spread out.Even some professionals came out to say that zhang fangfang’s videos at work, which were edited at a glance, could not be shot casually.Angry netizens uncovered Zhang’s real identity.Soon zhang Fangfang’s true identity was pulled out by people.Originally, although Zhang Fangfang home in the countryside, but the conditions of the home or good.Fang fang stopped going to school early. Soon after she left school, she married her husband and gave birth to two children. The family lived happily ever after.Zhang fangfang’s husband suffered from lung disease, which can be easily cured, but through this Zhang fangfang got the inspiration to make money.So she found an Internet celebrity company, made up the script and packaged herself.Then, her husband is suffering from cancer, and the cement girl who never abandons her appears in front of us.All of a sudden, “cement xi Shi” became the object of everyone’s Shouting.But in the face of these online voices, Zhang fang still tries to defend herself, but few people listen to her explanation any more.Later, the statement on the Official website of Xinhua News Agency nailed her to death there, and what Zhang fangfang had done was completely sealed.Now she has no one to speak up for her.So, now that it’s been a few years, what’s zhang fangfang’s current situation?From The perspective of Zhang fangfang herself, maybe she did have some difficulties at the beginning and needed to make money.But in front of the camera, where he was paid a lot of money to tell “miserable” stories without having to work hard, Zhang fell in love with them, even deeply.She gradually forgot about the care and help of others, and the only thing left in her heart was: “How can I make money from them, how can I get a better life……”This short time to bring a lot of money, fame and fortune feeling, so that she lost herself, lost conscience.The result was, after all, what she deserved.The fact that she made money by cheating her fans is disgusting. What she will get is people’s boredom.After Zhang fangfang’s fraud was uncovered, countless people began to spit on her behavior.There are even countless netizens are still blaming Zhang fangfang’s husband, why not take good care of her, let her out to deceive so many people’s feelings.Facing the public opinion of the outside world, Zhang fangfang’s husband divorced her under pressure.But after the divorce, the relationship between the two is still lingering, entangled.At the same time, zhang fangfang did not give up the live broadcast.Although her fans have dropped from more than a million at the beginning to hundreds of thousands now.It’s not hard to see from her behavior that she wants to squeeze every last bit of value out of her fans.But it seems that few people buy her account, a live broadcast brought down the goods, the people who buy her products is very few, but Zhang Fangfang still insist.According to videos posted on her account, Zhang’s team has also given up on her.Her account was filled with miserable messages about her life, her marriage to the wrong man, her on-again, off-again relationship with her husband, and her divorce papers.Zhang Fangfang account sold miserable video but no matter how she sold miserable, few people will believe her, after all, Mr. Dongguo and the story of the Wolf who is known.These days, the Internet is full of such phenomena, and they are consuming people’s sympathy.This kind of behavior of making money by selling miserably, cheating urgently needs to be curbed, which is a serious immoral behavior.Zhang fangfang’s story also tells us that in the Internet era, we should never trust people on the Internet too much, especially those who talk about money with us on the Internet.After all, across the cold screen, can not see the opposite is a person or ghost, let alone even face to face, the heart is still across the belly.Disclaimer: This article is published for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Contact/submit email: service@shxyo.com