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What is happiness?Is the reconciliation after misunderstanding, is the surprise after saving money, is the firm belief in the heart only for the happiness of owners, is…On January 23 at about 9 o ‘clock in the morning, nine dragon Liangshan Longcheng Square owner Mr. Zhao holding a box of apples into the customer service office.He opened the apple while calling everyone to take the apple, but also took a few larger went to a customer service staff said, “Your name is Tingting, yesterday I was too impulsive, said a little heavy, really sorry, this is the Qixia apple I bought, can be delicious, taste!”He put the apple on Tingting’s desk.Tingting felt a little embarrassed and said, “It doesn’t matter, Brother Zhao, I didn’t tell you clearly yesterday.Now you open your wechat, AND I will help you pay the property fee with the beautiful Home Mini program vouchers.”Ah, ok” under the guidance of Tingting, I quickly completed the property fee payment with preferential treatment.Originally need to pay more than 2000 yuan of property fees, now use beautiful home small program coupons to offset 200 yuan, a 10% discount.Mr. Zhao was very happy, the customer service director Zhang said: “Mr. Zhao, to assist the owners to use the beautiful home small program to pay property fees is our own work, you do not need to take this box of apples to ah.”Mr. Zhao felt a little embarrassed and scratched his head and said, “I have a little back recently. I just resigned from the factory in Yantai. I have to pay the mortgage without making any money.I heard someone knocking at the door. She wanted to tell me to pay the property management fee. But I remembered that my wife had just paid the property management fee last month.At this time she told me that now nine dragon launched a small program, pay property fees can be 10% off.I thought I haven’t heard of the property fees can also discount it, not to more is good, I was angry, scolded her two sentences, she was also not back, said a sentence let me go to the property as soon as possible check, ran away, I thought this little girl eight is crying.I realized I was talking a little too loud.When I went to the hospital, I asked my wife and found out that what I had paid last month was the heating fee, which was for the heating company. I immediately realized that I might have scolded the wrong person.After my wife knew this, she kept blaming me. She told me that tingting from the customer service department of Nine Dragons Property Management helped my father fall down at the entrance of the unit last month and called my wife.I feel very guilty, not today I came early this morning, I want to give someone else tingting face to face to apologize.”After listening to Mr Zhao said these words, we just understand the original tail of things, Mr Zhao said, “mainly I really haven’t heard of paying property fees can discount it, this welfare is really very good”, customer service director Zhang explained to Mr Wang patiently:”This is a gratitude benefit launched by Nine Dragons Group for all property owners. As long as nine Dragons owners have a consumption coupon of 10,000 points a year, they can use 1,000 yuan to pay property fees and get a 10% discount for consumption in the member merchants of Longcheng Square. Now all our owners are using the coupon to pay property fees.”Since nine Dragon beautiful home small program online, although received a lot of questions, do not understand, but after nine Dragon property staff patiently explain and demonstrate, but to see owners using beautiful home small program successfully deduction happy smiling face, feel everything is worth it!This is a beautiful and can cover all aspects of the owners of life preferential small program, can really let the owners benefit, let the owners more happy.Dexin Nine dragons, for your beautiful home!We’ve been on the road…(Source: Customer Service Department, Longcheng Plaza, Liangshan)