The second phase of metro Line 14 was started with the addition of shield construction, and 31% of the civil construction was completed

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Recently, Guangzhou metro Line 14 phase II successfully completed a number of node tasks, engineering construction has made significant progress.After Pengbian station, Heonan Station becomes the second station to realize the main structure capping, and it is also the first station in Guangzhou metro to use yonglin combined with structural construction method.At the same time, is shouldering the creative garden to crane south interval (hereinafter referred to as “gen crane interval”) is the task of the tunneling of the left line of shield machine “yuelong 22” smooth realization starting, this is also the line originating shield machine, 7 and 8 of shield machine “yuelong 23” has been well prepared for the initial excavating, line will enter the shield construction peak stage.The second phase of Metro Line 14 runs north-south, connecting Jiahe Wanggang of Line 14 in the north and reaching the existing Guangzhou Railway Station in the south. The total length of the line is about 11.9km, all of which are underground stations.Crane South station is the second station of the line, connecting Pengbian station in the north and Creative Garden station in the south. It is located on the south side of the intersection of National Highway 106 and Junmin Road. The station is set up as three floors underground.The station is 155 meters long, and the excavation depth of the standard section of the station is 24.13 meters.In order to respond positively to the goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutral” proposed by the state, the subway builders decided to optimize the open excavation method in the preliminary design into the combination of permanent and temporary structure construction method. This is the first time that guangzhou metro applied this method in station construction, realizing the breakthrough innovation of subway construction.The construction plan is guided by the goal of “double carbon”. The concrete support of the first line and the enlarged ends of the station is cancelled, which reduces the temporary structural concrete removal, noise pollution and solid waste, and can save the amount of work, project investment and construction period.Among them, the station on the roof, expand the end plate and column in inverse for as a temporary support of foundation pit excavation stage, in the main structure construction stage, as part of the body and concrete after pouring station form as a whole, and against the plan construction joint treatment, waterproof node weak link specific design measures are put forward, through multi-channel waterproof measures,The waterproof effect of the construction joints of yonglin combined structure is enhanced, which will effectively guarantee the reliability of the station during operation and maintenance.Since January 2021 the construction of the subway across the station builders has overcome the big diameter rain water culvert, permanent change in the junction of the finished product protection, roof construction of concrete problems, lasted 14 months caps, smooth realization station for large-scale promotion in the construction of urban rail transit in the permanent combination structure provides reference “template”,It also provides more possibilities for Guangzhou metro to achieve the goal of “double carbon”.Driving!To challenge the complex geological conditions, chuanghe section starts from The Creative Garden station in the south, and then enters the Henan Station along the G106 national Highway in the north.The left tunnel is 525.6 meters long and the right tunnel is 953.1 meters long.The surrounding environment and geological conditions of the line are complicated, mainly through the strongly weathered argillaceous siltstone and moderately weathered argillaceous siltstone, and the fissure water is abundant, which is easy to produce mud cake in the process of shield tunneling.Before the initiation of shield tunneling, the subway builders have carried out a detailed investigation on various risk sources that may affect the tunneling of shield tunneling, divided risk groups well, and organized the acceptance of key node conditions.For the difficulties that may be encountered in the process of shield tunneling, all parties involved in the construction work together to overcome difficulties, remove the obstacles on the way forward of the shield tunneling machine, and escort the safe and stable tunneling of the shield tunneling machine.Up to now, the second phase of line 14 civil construction has been completed by 31%.Among the 8 stations, 2 main structures are capped, 4 are for civil construction, and the remaining 2 are for preliminary preparation.Of the eight sections, two have been completed, four are under civil construction, and the other two are in preliminary preparation.(Note: the above station name is only the tentative name of the project, and the standard station name shall be subject to the approval and announcement of the municipal government.)Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng Reporter Li Tianyan Correspondent Chen Huhui, Jiang Zhenyu, Zhao Chengyin, Tang Jiang