Thousand tons of “jin” gift “Liao” show my heart

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Nearly 1,000 tons of cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, beans and tomatoes were packed into 61 large trucks and sent in two batches from Jinzhou to Jilin province and Shenyang.One thousand tons of “jin” gift, to express the people of Jinzhou for Jilin Province and Shenyang city’s fight against COVID-19.On March 30th, Jinzhou city received instructions from jilin Province to assist vegetable market supply, the Municipal Party committee and municipal government immediately organized Heishan County and Beizhen City to complete the task as required.Heishan county quickly dispatch the relevant towns (streets), find out the number of vegetables, categories, comprehensive deployment of relevant matters.From the evening to late at night, from vegetable farmers to county and township cadres, various efforts to jointly prepare supplies, not only to ensure the freshness of vegetables, but also carefully selected categories, reduce unnecessary losses caused in the process of transport.After only a few hours of preparation, 35 tons of cucumbers from Dahushan Street, 5 tons of hemp pepper and 160 tons of tomatoes from Sijiazi town arrived at their wholesale fruit and vegetable markets one after another, waiting to be loaded.At the same time, beizhen city is also racing against time to promote the preparation of vegetables.Late at night, vegetable farmers overnight harvest, vehicles quickly to ensure the freshness of vegetables, be sure to let jilin people eat well, eat assured.At 8 o ‘clock on The morning of March 31, 29 trucks from Heishan and Beizhen were all assembled.After distributing serial numbers, putting up banners and mobilizing for deployment, 29 large trucks loaded with 570 tons of fresh vegetables set off for Jilin.About six hours later, the transport team of love, which had traveled thousands of miles, arrived in Changchun, Jilin province, demonstrating the brotherhood of the provinces sharing weal and woe.On April 4, Jinzhou city again received instructions to assist Jilin Province and Shenyang vegetable supply, and immediately arranged beizhen city to undertake the task of guaranteeing supply.Bei Town city shed more than 1000, homework personnel involved in the rescue operation supply nearly 6000 people, set up eight point sorting, the use of more than 800 farm transporter, a group of more than 1400 party members volunteer work in the ZhongAn Town five food market vegetables, formed “contracted efficient, fast, smooth” working line, more than 1400 people push the car,After nearly 36 hours of fighting day and night, a total of 420 tons of cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, beans and other vegetables were collected, sorted and packed.On April 5, 32 trucks carrying 420 tons of fresh vegetables collected by Beizhen city, under the escort of police vehicles, respectively sent to Jilin Province and Shenyang city, making contributions to the fight against the epidemic in both places.(Liaoning Bureau of China Daily